Weekly Challenge #4 Top 10 games on my Wish list

In no particular order:

Some of these have not been released yet and some are hard to get and others have been sitting on the backburner for a while.  I don't need to buy any of these(most of us don't need anymore games..lol)  but they are my top games on my wishlist.

#Star Wars Escape Game

I love Escape room type games in general and now add the Star Wars theme to it and to me it's an instant buy.


This game which isn't widely avaialable, but is available now though the BGG game store...which means I may have to pick it up soon...really looks like a fun card collection/engine building game with great components.


This is a French game that seems like its impossible to get in the states.  You play as Dwarves building an Army though card collection, while also increasing the value of your gold and collecting gems which all come to togteher to help you achieve victory.  It's a cool looking game and not something I've seen before and not sure that many people are talking about this one.  If I were to rank these this would be at the top.

Good video here if you want a much better description than I wrote:



A game that looks to become a classic.  Pretty sure everyone here knows about this one and many of you probabaly own it already.  My only concern is that is may be a little heavy for my family...but having said that, they love root and I would have thought that would have been a bit too heavy too.

#Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun

This is a new dice drafting game that follows along the tracks of the rest of the T series named games by Daniele Tascini.  It has a cool mechanic where an Obelilsk puts a shadow on a section of the dice drafting area and chnages how they work or how powerful they are.  Looks very cool, again a little concerned about the overall weight.

#Nevada City

Love worker placement games and this one has a cool twist in that your workers are your family and you can get more workers by growing that family.  It has all the elements of the old west, town building, farms, mines, ranches, right down to a showdown at high noon.  Again a bit on the weighty side but love the theme and the mechanics.

#The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game 

A Knizia classic that is getting a new reprint with some upgraded components.  Very themeatic with you playing the hobbits and trying to get the one ring to Mt Doom.  the upgrades are not that greatr but the game has always been reviewed well and any excuse to play a Knizia game is a good one.


A classic jungle exploration and dig up treasure game.  The only issue is I want the version with upgarded components made by Super Meeple and that one bascially doesnt exist anymore.  Hoping for a reprint or for someone to pick it up and distribute it here.


Another old west themed worker placement game, but this one with a cool rondell system that requires you to think ahead to plan out your next turns.  There are so many paths to victory in this game such as gaining resources, moving wagons on the map, building bridges and businesses, and placing camps and gunmen. After that, a section of the board is rotated—slightly changing the layout of the actions for the upcoming chapter.  Overall looks very cool.

#The Game: Quick & Easy

This is a new version of The Game that plays a bit faster and just looks like fun.  I'm a big fan of quick card games especially if they are a little thinky.  

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Supporter4 months ago

Back when I was still backing games I came very close to backing #Coloma.  I love Western themes.

Owner4 months ago

Of the ones in your list I'm most interested in #Maracaibo and #Coloma. I eventually dropped Maracaibo from my wishlist thinking it might be overly complex for me and my wife (plus, I just had so many other games that creeped on on me haha.) It was a bit of a similar story with #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun where even though I was immediately drawn in by seeing the designers involved, it looked like it had a lot going on. I've checked out Coloma several times in the past too but never got to the point of watching a video on it.

This would be my list, limiting to 5 games:

  1. #Too Many Bones
  2. #Keyflower
  3. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
  4. #Brass: Birmingham
  5. #Aeon's End

This list is subject to change any moment tomorrow :)

Oh and I'll be buying #Flip Ships real soon for family game nights.

3 months ago

#Keyflower is great! Such an enjoyable engine builder made really good by the fact that you are bidding to get control of the tiles and that you can just use other players engines (they just get to keep the meeples)

4 months ago

Tzolk'in should also be on my list ...lol.


I'll have to check out flip ships...my son likes flicking now...good thing I just backed a crokinole board...lol.


Owner4 months ago

I actually didn't get the first part haha, "kynlistvas"? OH WAIT, I think you were saying "should also be on the list as well... lol" right?

#Flip Ships seems like good fun. Always great to have games that doesn't take itself too seriously :)

Oh so you went for that Crokinole Kickstarter? I thought about it but knew I wouldn't have the right storage for that... xD

4 months ago

RE: #Flip Ships seems like good fun. Always great to have games that doesn't take itself too seriously :)

That's why we got #Flyin' Goblin


4 months ago

Sorry...replying from a mobile phone sometimes results in odd words...lol...fixed it...but you got the gist of it anyway.  


Yeah, my plan is to put the Crokinole board on the wall as sort of art...will see how it works out.

3 months ago

I have seen Crokinole boards look really cool in some people's homes hung on walls.

4 months ago

Huh, I'm not seeing #Aquatica on the BGG store. That game does look pretty fun, and I love the theme.

#Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun also looks really interesting!

4 months ago

They actually have a secondary store for just games...



4 months ago



3 months ago

I played them #The Lord of the Rings: The Board Game not too long ago, we had a really nice time with it, I don't know that it has too much replayability but was a nifty design.

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