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Feedback Friday! (2020-06-05)


For those who are new, this is a weekly post where you can share your praises/complaints/wish features for our forum, game pages, content, etc. You can also find more information in this article where I walk through the various features on BGA.

No specific questions for this week so feel free to have at it!

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7 months ago

You guys are doing great work! One request I have is for the play logs - can entering the time be opt-in? Like you're entering the date, and there's a button that says "add time", or you can just leave it blank. Most of the time I don't much care about what time I played a game, and having that be required just makes it more annoying to enter. Of course I could simply leave it as the default, which is the current time, but then it would be wrong, and I can't stand for that, haha.

Premium User7 months ago

haha, Assuming you are entering it when you are done with the game, what if it automatically subtracted the average playtime for the game you are logging, from the current time? lol

7 months ago

Lol that seems a little too clever

Supporter7 months ago

I second this.

7 months ago

I was just looking through a couple of games and noted that there is a lot of overlap between the mechanic and category sections, obviously that is very true in board games as we tend to categorise them by mechanic. I wondered if there might therefore be another more helpful descriptor/s to replace one of those? Not sure what that would be but something with less overlap with mechanics I guess...

Premium User7 months ago

I was wondering, when logging plays, if it was possible for you to highlight games from the list that appears when you search a game? Either games on our owned list, or games we have logged plays for before
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