MicroMacro/Paleo Win Top Board Game of the Year Awards (Spiel & Kinnerspiel des Jahres)

Spiel des Jahres 2021 winner

It is Spiel announcement day! The most prestigious board game of the year award in the world released its yearly winners. The Spiel des Jahres (Board Game of Year) and the Kennerspiel des Jahres (Strategy Board Game of Year) winners have been announecd.


Spiel Des Jahres 2021

MicroMacro: Crime City *WINNER

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Zombie Teenz Evolution

Kennerspiel des Jahres 2021


The Lost Ruins of Arnak

Fantasy Realms


Check out the announcement here or more info on the decisions below:


MicroMacro: Crime City (Spiel des Jahres)

Reason: A large black and white poster and a few cards - that's all "MicroMacro: Crime City" needs to cast its spell over. When the players bend over the table to sink into the scenery, there is crackling tension in the room. All eyes flicker over the city map to elicit new information about the crimes. When one thing joins the other in a lively discussion about motive and sequence of events, the game creates unforgettable moments.

About: Happy people in cafes. Children who want a scoop of ice cream from the market stall. Art lovers at a vernissage. But with our trained detective eye, we can see through this supposed harmony of the residents of Crime City. There are more than a dozen murders and deaths to solve on the bustling and huge city map in hidden object style. Who had a motive for sticking a knife in the back of the skateboarder? Why was the mayor spotted on the harbor bank with a large suitcase of money before his death? Clues and traces give us clues about the course of events and this creates an exciting reconstruction, completely without text and with a minimal set of rules. Jealousy, deceit and resentment are the central themes in this cooperative hidden object game

#MicroMacro: Crime City

Paleo (Kennerspiel des Jahres)

Reason: “Paleo” succeeds in an extraordinary way in creating dynamic stories and images in the heads of the group that resonate long after the game is over. In the tough struggle for survival, we learn that we are only strong as a group. The multitude of different events keeps our curiosity about many games permanently upright and rewards the exploration of this gripping and unyielding Stone Age world.

About: Life in the Stone Age must have been tough. In case of doubt, an aggressive wild animal can lurk behind every bush with delicious berries. We have to find out for ourselves whether the berries found are edible or poisonous, even without the attack of a boar. Together, as a tribe, we weigh such risks round by round using only the illustrations on the back of the card. Only after turning the card over does it reveal what is happening at the selected location. Together we grow with these tasks. When the day in “Paleo” draws to a close, the tribe must be supplied with food in order to hold their own against the game. Ten card sets with new challenges can be combined as desired and offer motivating variety to take on the hard struggle for survival again and again.



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Premium User8 days ago

Was not expecting #Paleo to win even after the GameNight! crew on BGG predicted it. I felt they came across as a little too hyped over their first play. I will admit it's the one game in the Kennerspiel category that's at least doing something different with the backs of the cards representing what you might see on the fronts.

No shock for #MicroMacro: Crime City wining the Spiel.

Oddly enough, watching a playthrough of #Zombie Teenz Evolution and #Fantasy Realms got them added to my wishlist.

Partner7 days ago

I way too overconfidently was calling #Lost Ruins of Arnak to win. I like #Paleo and am happy the winner is a respectable game but didn't think it would beat it. How wrong I was.... 

8 days ago

I don't think #MicroMacro: Crime City is for me, but I'd be happy to give #The Adventures of Robin Hood a run. I'm itching to play #Lost Ruins of Arnak (which I've bought) and now I'll probably rethink giving #Paleo (which I most likely won't buy) a try if the chance arises.

Partner7 days ago

You really can't go wrong. There have been past years where I may privately criticize some of the nominees, but all solid this year!

8 days ago

I think the one thing everyone can agree on is not one thought #Fantasy Realms would win anything and everyone was right.

Partner7 days ago

Ha, a solid game nonetheless. The weird thing is the difference is release timing from country to country. This is new to Germany but not to America, and in many other cases, it is vice versa. No matter how global world business gets, everyone still has their own things to worry about.

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