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Top 10 2 Player Board Games | Board Game Quest

Stuck at home and looking for a new 2-player board game. Here are my Top 10 Two Player board games. 

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Supporter9 months ago

The Top 3 features some amazing games. Star Wars Rebellion is my absolute favorite game of all time. And Undaunted looks incredible. 

10 months ago

Nice to see Watergate as your Number One selection.

Partner10 months ago

It's pretty fantastic. 

Supporter9 months ago

It looks really intriguing. 

Owner10 months ago

I'm not quite sure why, but even though most of my gaming sessions are exclusively 2p with my wife, I'm usually more attracted to 2p+ games that play well with 2p, rather than 2p only games.

Supporter9 months ago

That is an interesting nugget. I wonder why that is?

Supporter10 months ago

I love this list. It has so many choices that you don't see on every other two player list.