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Pandemic Legacy Season One - Solo Play


I’ve been sitting on my copy of #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 for quite a while now. I’ve always intended on playing it with either my family or my game group, but both of those options are looking increasingly unlikely. Do you guys think it would be worth it playing solo?

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6 months ago

We played it with 3, and I think there definitely is something special about sharing an 'event' like a legacy game with other people. If you are desperate to play it I can imagine it being very enjoyable solo. However if you are willing to wait, it was one of the best gaming experiences I have had and I would recommend waiting a little longer until you can gather people

Supporter6 months ago

One problem is that my group meets once a month - maybe. That’s just not conducive to playing a legacy game as it would take us forever to experience the story. My family is less interested in playing games than I had hoped. 

6 months ago

I hear you, although we actually played about once a month on average (although that was in addition to regular gaming), took us just over a year to play through the whole thing and it was actually still great. The 'story' is mostly through board state and the actions you take each game, we never felt like we had missed something. That is a bummer that you get to see folk so infrequently though

Supporter6 months ago

I think it would be better playing solo than not playing it at all. 

I'm in the not having played it at all category. 

6 months ago

I think a lot of the excitement comes from playing with other players. We played with four players and it was awesome. But, I think it could still be a lot of fun solo as well. But you'd most likely want to control at least two players.

Supporter6 months ago

From what I’ve heard you can only play solo if you do 2+ characters 

6 months ago

That...makes sense haha

6 months ago

I feel like it would be super important to play with two characters. 

6 months ago


Played full campaign controlling 2 chars, and loved so much.

Would do it again.

Take care

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