Quinns and Tom Vasel Decide Who is More Wrong - AwSHUX Presents

Come join us at AwSHUX, going on for free right now! https://awshux.show This was such an amazing hour, we just had to get it up online right away. It was re......

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Supporter11 days ago

The whole AwSHUX event was great!  The only downside is that it made me miss going to SHUX this year even more. :(

9 days ago

Do you normally go?

Supporter9 days ago

I have every year so far.  It's such a great event and always leaves me feeling tired but really happy to be a part of the great SU&SD community.

5 days ago

Nice! Sadly, it's always been a little too far for me to travel to but maybe one day

Supporter3 days ago

Yeah, it's really close for me which is why I can go.

Supporter10 days ago

Were there any games that got your interest?

Supporter10 days ago

#Cascadia for sure. I decided to kickstart it based on seeing the game. They have an online version which is a lot of fun to play solo too. 

That reminded me of #Naramata as they are both somewhat local to my area so that was a bit of a knock in effect. 

#1001 Odysseys looked interesting for sure along with #Hundreds of Horses and  #Veiled Fate.

#Lost Ruins of Arnak looked intriguing as well but I’ll have to see more. 

I didn’t see a crunchy euro that got me going at all. Possibly because I have already picked up a fair amount lately so I am looking for lighter fair at the moment. 

12 days ago

Defintiely watching this when I get the chance!

Supporter10 days ago

This was a fun one :)

A combination I thought I'd never see. Still makes me feel like we should have a thread to look at the biggest disparities between each other's ratings

9 days ago

Yeah, I really enjoyed them bouncing off one another: two veterans in their element

10 days ago

I'm a big fan of the SUSD style and Tom's basic explanations of games is always on point. This crossover was very entertaining 

9 days ago

Yeah, I really enjoy their focus on how a game feels to play

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