My year as a gamer.


I wanted to give a brief rundown of my year as a gamer.

At the beginning of the year I had two New Year's resolutions:

  • I resolved to begin logging all of my plays. This I did mostly do. I know that there are plays I forgot to log, and that is ok, but it has become a habit for me. That was my goal with this resolution.
  • I also resolved to complete a 10x10. I didn't get it done. Not even close. It is true that the pandemic did take several trips from me, trips where I had been hoping to play a lot of games. It is also true that I got into a bit of a lazy rut during the worse of lockdown where not even gaming looked good. But, ultimately, me not completing my 10x10 was 100% my fault. I should have been able to get it done.

In 2020 I played, so far, a total of 90 plays with 21 unique games. 


This year I bought, won, kickstarted, or preordered a total of 18 games and 3 expansions this calender year. This was the year of my first kickstarter, #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) That was the perfect first experience for a kickstarter. It delivered a beautiful product, and only a few weeks late in spite of a worldwide pandemic.This is also the year that I discovered online retailers. I had always just bought my games on Amazon. But, this is the year I started using GameNerdz, Cool Stuff Inc., and, Miniauture Market. I would say that my experience with these retailers, especially GameNerdz, have made so that I never look on Amazon first. Amazon is now the place I will go if I can't find what I want anywhere else.


As I look back on this year, I think that I have grown a lot as a gamer. This is the year I got into historical games. GMT changed for me, I went from shaking my head at their artistic choices, to actively seeking out their games. I remember earlier this year telling someone, I think it was , that I had no interest in realistic space exploration in games. Then I watched a teach and play of #High Frontier 4 All and bought it, along with the three expansions that they have designed so far. I am further very interested in #Leaving Earth and #SpaceCorp. This is also the year that I went from aggresively disinterested in "real train games" to very interested in "real train games." In fact, my current number 2 of all time is an 18xx. This is the year that I went from mocking those who spent over $100 on #Roads & Boats to wondering if I should be buying it. Honestly, if the box wasn't so big, I would have bought it. There are still parts of our lovely hobby that I am disinterested in. But, that being said, I think that this year I have learned to enjoy the experience of playing a game and exploring its systems instead of just looking for the "fun" in games. I think that where I find my pleasure in gaming has perhaps shifted a little bit.


So, I mentioned that I feel like I grew in terms of games that I am interested in. Their are, however, two categories of games that I have liked very much in the past, but have slipped a bit for me, especially this year.

The first of those category is Euro games. I still like euro games, I will even seek specific games in this category out. I used to love euro games. Those used to be my favorite. But, more and more, and am interested in theme, even to the point of simulation. I find the euro games that I seek out are those that are tremendously thematic. I love #Agricola (Revised Edition), that is a euro game, and I find it tremendously thematic. So, this is the year that I really stopped being interested in a euro because it is a euro. I still have love some themeless euro's, #Puerto Rico for instance, but the bar for me to buy a euro is now higher. Again, that is not saying that I hate euros. I just bough #Underwater Cities not long ago. I don't expect it to be a thematic game. But, with what I have heard about it, I expect it to be a great game. 

The second category that has slipped are coop games. As a general rule, I don't want to play coop games multiplayer anymore. I am fine playing them solo. I am fine playing some of them multiplayer if there are new players, or if the other players really want to play a coop game. But, for me, when I buy a coop game, I want to only play it solo. I need to justify my purchase on the basis of solo only play.


This is the year that I also went from being a solo gamer by necessity to being a solo gamer by choice. I used to think that whenever I have other players around I will stop solo gaming. But, this year, I went to wanting to play games solo. I still want to play games multiplayer. But, I also actively want to play game solo instead of multiplayer.


Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I think I joined BGA in October(ish) of 2019. This is the year that I have feel I have formed friendships and been accepted into a community of the fine folks here. I love interacting with y'all on  the forums, in the dm's, via email, and all the other ways we have connected. I know that these virtual friendships can be a little ethereal. But, that doesn't mean that they haven't been super valuable to me. So, thanks to y'all, you know who you are, so I will only name two of you. and , thanks for making and running this community. It is thanks to you two that all of the rest of us can enjoy each others friendships and support.

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Supporter5 months ago

Wow Chris! Great post.

I wish that I had been better about logging my plays. Because I did for a little bit and then totally just stopped. I think like you when the pandemic really sunk in and even board gaming seemed not fun that's when I stopped logging my plays. 

I should go through and count all the games I added this year but I think it would be quite embarrassing so maybe I won't. 

I too have grown significantly as a gamer. My tastes have really expanded and my collection has grown to something I am very proud of. 

My biggest area of growth was my development as a solo player. Like you I started out playing games solo just because it was something to do. But now I actively seek out and acquire solo games. If you would've told me 2 years ago that I would be a solo player I would've scoffed at you. But here I am today!

Also I wouldn't be so sure that you've been "accepted" into the community here... Don't get too far ahead of yourself now! 🤣

Supporter5 months ago

LOL. I did go out on a limb with that acceptance speech... 

I like what you said about being proud of your collection. I too am proud of mine. It's not a very big collection, but it is one I can feel genuinely proud of. 

5 months ago

Great post! Thanks for sharing. I do look forward to reading what you post here.

And 90 games in the year? That's great! I can only hope I get somewhat close to that next year! I've logged my plays since the week of Thanksgiving (USA)-14, with five of those being #Rack-O with my wife in one sitting and nothing since mid-December. I'm hoping a semi-monthly game night with a couple of people next year will help me play more games.

Best wishes in 2021!

Supporter5 months ago

If you and your wife like #Rack-O, I bet that you would love #Lost Cities.

5 months ago

I don't know anything about Lost Cities.  I'll have to look into it.  Thanks for the recommendation!

Supporter5 months ago

I believe I had a few New Years goals last December...

1. Log all of my plays.  Check.

2. Play all of my games at least once.  Check

3. Play at least 5 games 3+ times.  Check

4. Purchase on game. Check (kind of), winning a couple of BGA Giveaways helped me a lot in this department.  I may have cracked otherwise.

Supporter5 months ago

I'm thinking about limiting my purchases this next year as well. We will see. 

Supporter5 months ago

I want to try to stick with one purchase again in 2021, although I may adjust it to one game and one expansion since the #Root expansion should be hitting KS in 2021.

Owner5 months ago

I'm way too late on getting to read this. Great post Chris, and I share the same sentiments in regards to our community :)

For example, even though I'm not good about responding promptly, it still makes me smile whenever I see send me a text message to my phone with just a picture of what he's playing. I'm thinking, "Another new game??? Why didn't you tell any of us!" lol. Also appreciate how many of you send me a DM whenever you see something that needs our attention, and like you're saying, there are too many people to name that I'd want to give a shoutout too. That's why giveaways have been very enjoyable for me since it's our way of saying thanks.

On another note, your 2020 journey as a gamer had lots of significant changes! It also shows how many of your shifting interests (and sharing about them here) have been influencing me to some degree too haha

Supporter5 months ago

I hope I am not leading you astray....LOL

5 months ago

This is a super great look back!  I appreciate your posts because they always seem to be very well thought out and deliberate which is in short supply on the internet these days. 

Supporter5 months ago

Well, thanks for your very kind words.

5 months ago

You made me curiuos so I looked it up.

I've got 419 logged plays for the year across 113 different games.  Those are my in person live games.

I have almost 500 online games completed between Board Game Arena (418 games) and Yucata (74 games).

I also backed my first Kickstarter this year: Frosthaven

To the best of my ability I've purchased 20 new or used games/expansions this year.

My most played games this year:

The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine 64
The Isle of Cats 13
Sagrada 13
Azul 11
Gloomhaven 11
Paladins of the West Kingdom 11
Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age 11
Silver & Gold 10

Supporter5 months ago

That is a lot of games played. I am curious, do you have someone at home you gamed with, or were you able to meet with others, or were they mostly solo plays, or?????

5 months ago

I have a couple of different gaming groups during the week.  I host groups on Monday's and Thursdays and while we stopped in person playing between Mid March and June starting in June we started back up with the in person gaming.  Note: We stopped in person gaming a couple of weeks prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas in order to make sure people were healthy for the holidays.

My Sunday night game group, which has never been as consistent as the M/Th groups, stopped in late Feb and just picked back up again in late Sept, but no plays in Oct and only a handful of plays since then. 

I also game with my wife, very occasionally - that's where most of my Sagrada plays come with.  I get a handful of plays in with my kids during the year.  I also am able to get a hand full of misc plays in on family vacations and other random events.

I play a bunch of games with my kids

5 months ago

Sounds like a lot of fun!

Premium User5 months ago

Great post! But dude, 90 played games all year? I had that in like one month lol.

Hope 2021 brings you even more growth as a gamer! Or some more shelf space for all those new games :)

5 months ago

Thanks for the rundown! I enjoyed it thoroughly, mostly to read about your progression in the games you love, the ones you hated and now love and the games that you loved and now hate lol. 

Thinking of the games you have on the horizon, I see how your shift from being a solo gamer by necessity to being a solo gamer by choice has impacted that! I am excited to hear about your experiences with #Gaia Project and #Cloudspire specifically! 

Here is to a new year and conitinuing the positive forum discussions!

Supporter5 months ago

Thanks for that. 

5 months ago

Of course!  Happy to have you around!

Premium User5 months ago

Great read, thanks for the retrospective! I hope that next year is even better for you as a gamer, and just in general :)

Supporter5 months ago

Thanks. I really am hoping for a better year for all of us.

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