Suggest Some 2019 Gateway Games ~ Please!

It's so wonderful that there are so many games becoming available for this holiday season. It seems that I'm tired for using my old gateway games. I'm looking for some new (2019), relatively easy, but interesting gateway (or slightly heavier) games. I'm eager for some fresh games that are fun... not party games, just some relatively light games that are comforting and relaxing. Any ideas? Thanks for any and all suggestions you offer.

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Supporter12 months ago

Wingspan seems like the obvious choice. 

Perhaps some Roll and Writes or that new Parks game that Trent reviewed?

Owner12 months ago

I have a few I like to use at this point.

There’s quite a few others but those four are just top of mind

Owner12 months ago

Abstract: Tiny Towns - small scale city/pattern building game that requires spatial awareness. Relatively relaxing game but deceptively complex. Feels like playing a tiny version of Tetris--you're placing blocks to create patterns so that you can convert them into a single building and clear out some space on the board, where the patterns that don't match with any buildings end up crowding up the already limited space.

Roll/Flip & Write: Welcome to... - my favorite game in this genre and also the most relaxing game in this list. As with most roll & writes, very easy on new gamers but I especially like this one because of the relatable theme and how it engages the players

Bluffing: Skull - I'm really not into bluffing games, but enjoyed this one. It's a light game for sure, but I liked the short gameplay that gives pretty good laughs from seeing everyone's personality come out (you get to tell a lot about a person in just a few rounds)

Engine-building: +1 on Wingspan - in comparison to the amount of strategy it needs (if you want to win), it's so well streamlined that new gamers will be able to pick up on the rules/strategy after the first few rounds. With its beautiful illustrations, thematically satisfying mechanics, great dice and player board, and random bird facts, it's more than a game but an experience--especially recommended for couples who are new to board games. I almost feel like Viticulture: Essential Edition could work as a gateway, but it would be a bigger stretch than Wingspan.

Push Your Luck and Bag-Building: The Quacks of Quedlinburg - I think this would the best in terms of being relaxing, easy to pick up, fun, and memorable gameplay--one reason I like push your luck games is the exhilaration that comes from getting that one great draw (or failiing miserably). Either way, it creates a great story for the group. Also has a great catch-up mechanic that will help out new gamers

Supporter12 months ago

Herbaceous Sprouts comes to mind. When I first played, I called it a coffee/tea sipping game, and it has lovely art.

Supporter12 months ago

Haven't played it yet, but maybe Wingspan for your slightly heavier game. 

Supporter12 months ago

This feels like a good place to link to the Wingspan review on boardgameprices.

12 months ago

+1 for Wingspan. It's got some depth to it, but it's not too difficult. And it's wonderful :)