Happy Friday! Got any tips for putting together a game night?

I'm trying to schedule a game night with my co-workers to play Root together. I've assigned a faction to each of them according to their personalities and complexity that I think they can handle. Will be sending out a how-to video so that they're well prepped before we meet up.

The current lineup:

  • Me - Woodland Alliance
  • Trent - Vagabond
  • Co-worker #1 - Cats
  • Co-worker #2 - Birds

Does anyone have suggestions on what else I can do to make the night flow smoothly and more fun? (any videos that are especially well made in explaining the rules and strategies? food? anything really). Thanks!

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trentellingsen Supporter12 months ago | 1 point[-]

I think it'll be easier than last time partly because I finally know how all the factions work and can explain it better this time.

If they can watch a video to at least give them a feel for the game it could help too.

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