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The Meeple in a Gamestack Podcast


Hey everyone! Mitch here from the Meeple in a Gamestack podcast. I fairly recently started a podcast all about boardgames, whether it's getting into them, getting the most out of them, or just having a good time. It's is a mix of game reviews, topics in boardgaming, and hot takes on games all mixed with a bit of humour.

The podcast is from a newcomers perspective on games and with a fresh excitement for games. If you're new then join me as I dive in deeper, and if you're a veteran enjoy watching my descent to the depths with you. I want to provide a voice of enthusiam about this hobby we love, one that is not yet tinged with the cynicism and weariness that being a critic in the hobby for many years too often brings. Ultimately I hope my reviews and discussions can encourage you to have more fun playing games.

My goal here is to encourage more fun discussions and game nights. To build a community that generates more enthusiasm for boardgames, both for you and me. So if any of that piqued your interest, please click one of these links and give it a listen. I would really appreciate it.

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53 days ago

Nice! Will check it out!

53 days ago

Thank you DL, enjoy.

Premium User53 days ago

Sounds awesome man! I'll give it a listen

53 days ago

Thanks Cbrady, hope you like it.

Premium User53 days ago

Welcome! I just listened to episode 0 on my drive home from work. I know you mentioned your top 5 is your top 5 "now." Just curious if it's changed since then?

53 days ago

They have actually changed a bit since then. I've played some great games this year and my top games have jostled since then. As to what my top 5 are now I'll actually leave that a secret because my next few episodes are my year end top games episodes. So you'll just have to tune in tomorrow morning to find out 😁

Premium User52 days ago

knew that would be how you'd answer that lol. But that's no problem at all I can and will do just that 😁

Supporter53 days ago

Thanks I'll check it out.

53 days ago

Thanks Marshwiggle, hope you enjoy it.

53 days ago

Oh also let me know if you have and thoughts or ideas on ways to improve the podcast!

Premium User50 days ago

Okay , I'm officially 8 episodes in so I feel like I can give you some better feedback.

I like the length of the pod as it goes by quick yet manages to cram a lot of info in that short time.

Both a pro and a con - I like that you talk about the same games quite a bit especially when they're interesting to me. However, listening about them in episodes back to back all the time gets a little stale. Of course this could be because I've been listening to them in this manner catching up and not once a week when you drop the episodes. Not to mention it makes me really want to go purchase #The Fox in the Forest and #The Quacks of Quedlinburg more than I already wanted to lol

And finally, I'm looking forward to that top 30! My wallet is not so enthusiastic lol

Keep up the great work!

50 days ago

Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you're enjoying the podcast.

I have since noticed how much I talk about some of my favourites in the first few episodes, and have made efforts to make sure I don't cover the same games too much unless I have something new to add. So I'm defintely trying to improve that.

Hahaha you can't really go wrong with those two! I mean I guess you know how much I like them already but I really can't recommend them enough.

Thank you, I hope you enjoy! please let me know anytime if you have any other critiques or feedback.

Premium User50 days ago

You're welcome! It's a nice change of pace from the other pods I listen to. Looking forward to binge listening to the rest :)

Then of course I'll be sad cause I'll have to start waiting haha

50 days ago

well that makes my day to hear :)

also if you ever have suggestions for great/ interesting games to play let me know

Premium User50 days ago

Glad I could do that!

Looking at your list of owned games...Also keep in mind I haven't caught up on episodes yet as I said lol...

I think I'd have to go with #Cockroach Poker and #In the Hall of the Mountain King. A lot of the other games you own, I either own too, or I've heard you talk about them already. Some too I have no idea what they are so if you introduce me to a new game that's great too!

50 days ago

oh haha not from my games, from yours! I meant suggestions for games that you think are great that I haven't talked about

Premium User50 days ago

Ooooh! For some reason I thought you meant what games you should talk about on the pod. Reading comprehension is key haha.

Well #Wingspan of course because it's my overall favorite. #Terraforming Mars too or #Spirit Island. I think they're my top's a toss up with #The Castles of Burgundy always looming.

50 days ago

Awesome, thank you. I'll put them on the list.

Premium User50 days ago

Oh man the pressure is on. Hope you like them!

Premium User53 days ago

Once I listen to a few more episodes I can certainly try! As for now I think I like the format you have going. Of course I've only listened to the one episode haha. 

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