The Perfect Boardgame Store?

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Pondering a question posed to me in passing the other day by regarding my favorite game store.  

I've been thinking about that since and pondering the ups and downs of different game stores.  In Denton, we have Recycled Books which sells used games and tends to be a great place to find a gem from someone who bought on Kickstarter and never played.  

More Fun Comics and Games is my second choice here as they have a decent selection although rarely newer games and often their prices will be up to $20 more than the game would cost on another website.

I've bought games from different online retailers as well.  Top Shelf Gamer is one of my favorite retailers (I know they don't sell games) because they add a personal note and their merchandise comes nicely wrapped.

I am not sure there is or should be a perfect game store.  I say because I live in Denton and have seen the positive impact of a good niche.  We have quite a few brewpubs and beer bottle stores here.  One day a new brewpub popped up and had the goal of being the best and putting the other out of business.  They had the least expensive beer, did growlers, and crowlers, and sold bottles.

The thing was, most of the other places in Denton communicated and each had its own niche and supported the others.  

I say all that to say if I was creating a game store I liked it would be with the niche of buying Kickstarter and newer games and taking a gander at the market when they are delivered to backers.  That's the sort of place I wish was out there and haven't found yet.

What are your favorite local game stores?

What would be the perfect game store for you?

If you could design a boardgame superpark, what would that entail?

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51 days ago

I don't spend any real time in FLGS, Oxford does have a nice board game cafe - Thirsty meeples, that I have been to a handful of times and is a really nice place, but me and others I know have enough games between us that we rarely need to vsist, although it does make for a nice evening from time to time. 

In a superpark I would love to have staff running mega-games, just gathering a bunch of people and then organising it for them, I think could be a really cool aspect. That and giant/more interactive versions of some party games: #Sushi Go! with actual sushi, giant versions of dexterity games. #Zombicide with nerf guns etc.

Premium User51 days ago

I love the idea of giant versions of games. Can you imagine a giant version of ice cool where you try to hit the people in the game with giant nerf penguins?

50 days ago

Yes, absolutely, you could have it on actual ice!

53 days ago

I don't frequent a lot of FLGS.  I've had a couple ones that were neat but started to cater more towards all the wargaming stuff.  One that was close to me had prices that were like 15-20$ more than OLGS so as much as I'd like to support them, that was a bit much.  I visited a place called Guild House Games in Durango, CO while I was on vacation and they organize their games by mechanic.  I was instantly in love haha.  Too bad there's not one around here. 

53 days ago

My favorite FLGS is a Gaming Goat franchise. Great folks working there, great prices that rival or beat online stores, and they back lots of Kickstarters. I can either back through them (often at a discount from the pledge, for example I got a Dark Tower all-in for 185 vs the 225 the pledge is listed at) or get it when it shows up and they put copies out for sale. 

Supporter52 days ago

I have a Gaming Goat in my town and it is definitely awesome.  I was able to pick up #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) for $60 and I think I was able to get both #Root & #Root: The Riverfolk Expansion for a total of about $55.

They also have a great policy of "renting" gaming space for $10 an hour but that money gets transfered into a gift card so basically if you are planning on getting a game why not spend some time gaming there (for some people).

51 days ago

My local one doesn't rent space, you can just play there (well, not right now of course). The fact it gets put on a gift card for future use sounds like a great policy though. I know there's plenty of horror stories of dealing with the main TGG company and its CEO, but the local franchises are great. 

Supporter51 days ago

I didn't know there was drama with the Main TGG... but yeah our local store is great.

Premium User53 days ago

That is fantastic!

Premium User53 days ago

The store I visited the most was across the street from my workplace.  The staff weren't super knowledgeable but I don't really need help in that regard.  They were happy to chat with me though so it was nice to visit on a lunch break. It had a good selection and the prices were decent for where I live.  So I could do a spur of the moment purchase when I really wanted something.  Price was ok and convenience was a big factor there.  I'd pay $5 - $10 more no problem because I was in there so often.

However, the stores I purchase from the most are online.  It is cheaper to ship it across the country than to buy games locally without shipping.  And the games come to my door so it's convenient.

I also like to peruse facebook marketplace and craigslist for used games and game trades because sometimes you find something interesting you wouldn't have thought of.

So the perfect store for me would have low prices, be located near me, have a large new and used section, and assist in trades, 

I don't ask for much do I?  :)

Premium User53 days ago

I thought of another fun gamestore option while pondering 's boozy milkshakes.  If the milkshake place adds Philly Cheesesteaks (legit ones!) to the menu, I might have to expand my travel radius to half-way across the country.

That being said, boardgames and beer are two of my favorite things.  I would love to see a gamestore that also offered specialty taps and a play area.  There used to be an arcade in Denton that served beer and had about 50 or so classic arcades and pinball machines.  They closed down during COVID for obvious reasons.  Seeing something similar to this but with a boardgame venue would be a lot of fun.  Perhaps even a library of games to choose from that could be purchased at a discounted rate based on the number of plays the game had on it.  

51 days ago

Cincinnati has two Arcade Bars. A board game bar would be great. 

Premium User53 days ago

Sarah says go for it even without the cheesesteaks. The tots were good and also shareable. I do like your idea a lot. We went to a similar arcade place in both Raleigh and Salt Lake City a couple years back and that was pretty fun.

Someone on here once was telling me about their local game store actually doing rentals pre covid. Don't remember who that was telling me but that sounded really cool

Premium User54 days ago

Before I answer..pumped to see those Denton board game stores!

I think for us the "perfect" store would be closest to the Thirsty Dice in Philly. That was such a neat little cafe where you could sit and play games and eat some good food. And of course the boozy milkshakes just added to it.

We're trying to make time go to another cafe in Houston and we can report on it when we see you!

Premium User54 days ago

mmmm....boozy milkshakes

Premium User54 days ago

They had so many flavors too it was honestly amazing 

51 days ago

Boozy milkshakes are great. There's even a place by me (not a board game store/cafe just an ice cream parlor) that does cold slab ice cream with booze called The Buzzed Bull Creamery. 

Premium User51 days ago

There's a few places around me that do something similar but board games made it better with this place lol