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What did you play this week? (11/30/2020)

(11/30/2020) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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53 days ago

Finally got to try Gloomhaven. Roommate bought Jaws of the Lion and it was our first go it at snd finally understand why people enjoy it so much. Lots of fun to play for us.

50 days ago

Love me some gloomhaven. Always a good time with a group or solo

50 days ago

Ya, hoping we can continue our game this saturday

50 days ago

How many of you, or just u?

50 days ago

We started with 3 of us but might be doing for on the weekend

50 days ago

Be ready for the time sunk with more peopld

50 days ago

Haha one of our players is super indecisive so I don't doubt it

51 days ago

Nice, which character did you pick?

50 days ago

Went with red guard for the kratos vibes

50 days ago

Nice!  Hope you guys have a blast with it

50 days ago

Thanks man, I don't doubt we will

53 days ago

I got a couple scenarios in too and it is a blast!

53 days ago

I bought #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion this past week.  Haven't played it yet, but I figured it was the best way to see if I would even enjoy Gloomhaven at all.  Glad you enjoyed it!

What about the game was the most enjoyable aspect for you?

53 days ago

Jotl's rule book should be put up in an art gallery. It is absolutely amazing the way they walk you through learning the game so well. I played regular gloomhaven and was fully aware of how to play jotl minus a few things like using the scenario book, but it was a perfect way to walkthrough with my son so he could play alongside me while knowing how everything was going to work.

53 days ago

We're only about 3 levels/scenarios in but I really loved just the progression of gaining items/abilities. I think the first 5 missions are tutorials to get you used to it but I was enjoying learning the steps. Sitting down with a group just felt like a good time as we figured out what to do and how to play. Hoping it doesn't get dull later on.

Premium User53 days ago

I'm at that exact same spot, just haven't gotten a chance to pick back up from where we ended yet. I will say it's a little dull for me right now because I had played OG Gloomhaven before I played JOTL and could have probably done fine without the tutorial. But the fiancée was new to it so I had to be nice :P

53 days ago

Think you'll play all the way through?

53 days ago

Gonna try, enjoyed it a lot going through the first few scenarios.

53 days ago


53 days ago

Hosted my wife's sister's family for Thanksgiving, they are as big into board games as my family is, so it's always a good time. Not to mention the Black Friday purchasing that we do.

Here's what got played this past week:

 #7 Wonders

#7 Wonders Duel


#Architects of the West Kingdom

#Viscounts of the West Kingdom

#Clank! In! Space!

New to us games from our Black Friday Shopping that got a first play or a learning half play:

#Photosynthesis: Under the Moonlight

#Irish Gauge

#Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King


#The Alpha

#Rising Sun

#The Stygian Society

#Star Wars: Outer Rim

I was surprised that I enjoyed Star Wars Outer Rim as much as I did.  I'm not a Star Wars  fan in general, but this was a good mix of theme and game that I really enjoyed.

My brother in law was surprised by Irish Gauge. The drab board and theme put him off a bit but once the gameplay started he was hooked.  After playing #Irish Gauge and #Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King he complimented me saying that I had a strong ability to pick games that look boring but play fun.  Ha!  That's where the hours of research pay off I guess.


49 days ago

What's your opinion of #The Stygian Society.  I give a lot of credit to designers who try to do something new and different...

Also curious about purchasing #Irish Gauge, what do you think of it?

48 days ago

The #The Stygian Society was an interesting take on the dungeon crawler. The instructions for assembling the tower were not great. The rulebook was just OK, there were a few things that weren't completely clear. The gameplay was... fine. 

If you generally like dungeon crawls this should be right up your alley. The system is unique, much bettter than dice IMO. It provides more unpredictable results, with cubes getting stuck in the tower and falling later, but it also seems to be easier to strategize around the cubes. It felt much less luck driven than dice since you know what goes into the tower and what may or may not come out.

I will say it is primarily about fighting the monsters. There isn't much exploration in the game. Just move up a level set up new monsters. The XP from the monsters and using that to level up your characters was probably the most interestig moment in the game.

Personally, I'd play again, but it's not something I would ever ask to play. If you like the aspect of climbing the tower, upgrading your character to fight ever stronger monsters, this could be your type of game.

#Irish Gauge was a lot of fun! It provided a quick bid for shares to screw your friends over type experience.  I've never had any interest in 18xx games, but I had heard #Irish Gauge described as a game that took some of the basic ideas from 18xx games and put it into a short, simple, highly interactive game.

I'm not going to say that it made me want to try proper train games, but I'm not going to deny that it is responsible for the recent addition of "first time 18xx game" to my google search history.

47 days ago

Thanks for the feedback, always on the lookout for games unlike others in my collection!  I think perhaps my first train game (other than #Ticket To Ride might be #Steam.  I look at that one and it seems straightfoward, yet people say it is complex, so I'm not sure what to make of it other than it must be a classic for a reason.

Premium User49 days ago

I think#The Stygian Society was just the miniature market daily deal. I glossed over it cause I've never seen it before. What is it?

48 days ago

It's a dungeon crawl type game. But outcomes are determined by dropping colored cubes into what is essentially an elaborate dice tower that is designed to catch some of the cubes. Player actions and monster actions are determined by what cubes have emerged from the bottom of the tower. The more cubes get dropped, the more get caught in various spots of the tower to be knocked free later.

Premium User48 days ago

Wait that sounds really cool! Wish I had known about it yesterday. Or not cause then I woulda picked it up lol. Is it any good?

48 days ago

See my reply to tapowe to get my rundown of it

Premium User48 days ago

Just read them and it seems it might not be all that great. I just thought the tower sounded like a cool idea. 

53 days ago

I just picked up #7 Wonders Duel on Amazon for $20. I'm looking forward to giving it a shot!

53 days ago

It's great! Hope you enjoy your time with the game.