Played Codenames? You Have to Play The New Board Game Just One

Codenames and Just One easily belong together on your board game shelf. There's a reason they've both won major awards. Just One: https://www.boardgameatlas.......

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14 months ago

Yo, wait, BGA is doing original video content now? Cool! Nice job on this one. When I hear "party game" I recoil and turn away. I know that's mostly just me though.

Supporter14 months ago

Yup. I might join him one of these days, but for now Trent's been rolling out 1-3 reviews a day by himself. There are other exciting stuff in the works in the upcoming months too!

I enjoyed Just One and will probably get it this week for the family. My main complaint with bad party games is that I never feel like joining because it always takes forever to finish and when it does end, it's only because everyone's completely drained and doesn't want to continue. I appreciate simple and short party games.

Supporter14 months ago

Yup! I built a studio specifically to do them too! I've got a lot more in the works ;)

Supporter14 months ago

Despite the approachable price point I've been holding it in and keeping my eye on the one at Target. I've been patiently waiting for one of those clearance finds I see shared by others lol. By this point it's more about being able to experience that more than about saving money haha

Really looking forward to playing it with my wife and my parents though.

Supporter12 months ago

Yes! We're Codenames fans over here and would like to get my hands on Just One!

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