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Butterfly by Rio Grande Games..... Good, but needs a re-theme....


Hello Boardgame lovers.... I recently played Butterfly, and it turned out to be a good game... The art is childish, and not in a high quality impressive children's book way, But in a lame, kinda sad, ignorable and uninteresting way, it was enough of a turnoff that I thought about skipping it all together... I'm glad I played it though as it has surprising depth to it... it's actually a fun little game. It feels tactical. You have almost perfect information. You can plan it out as many moves ahead as you dare, but your opponent might also do the same, and foil your planning. it's a good solid lightweight game with the aspiration of a medium game... I'd put this on par with Splendor, or maybe Battleline, relatively simple, but yet you find it deeper the more you play. This also works very well for two players.... which isn't easy to find... This is in dire need of a re-theme though... something more compelling and with better art. What would you use as a theme? I was thinkining something pop culture.... the obvious call is Pokemon, but that isn't my thing.... what else could you make it? I'm seriously contemplating buying the game, and then adding my own art and making adjustments to my copy.... Maybe Ghostbusters? 


Let me lnow your ideas... This will be for my personal copy, and won't be for sale... but this game could be so much better, and then I would be proud to bring it out to play it... 

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Supporter2 months ago

To each their own, I sorta like the look. As far as a retheme, I really don't have a good idea... Maybe each player could be a movie director, and the tiles you are collecting/denying could be actors/actresses. 

Premium User2 months ago

Interesting you'd compare it to Splendor as I think that needs a retheme as well. As far as for this game though, like you said Pokemon seems too obvious. Maybe you could give it an Animal Crossing theme. Collecting different bugs, fish, or furniture?

Partner2 months ago

I played it on Board Game Arena, and if you'd like to play against me: hit me up for a game = Marinated Meeple

Partner2 months ago

what it looks like

Owner2 months ago

Haha, I actually like the charming look of it, especially that hedgehog meeple. I guess it's the result of them trying to capture a very wide audience. Seems like a great family game too.

For retheme ideas? Pac Man!

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