Get Alerts When Board Games on your Wishlist Go On Sale

This is a feature that's been on my backlog for a long time and I've been excited to get to start working on it. You can now set a list wide alert to send you notifications when games go on sale! You can set the alerts for any lists you have but I'd imagine that it'll be most used for Wishlists.

Setting It Up

To turn it on, go to your profile, and toggle the alert switch for whatever list you want alerts for! That's it!

Be careful though! Even though you'll spend less on individual games, you may spend more on games overall.

The historically low game feature has already got me to buy 4 more games than I expected. I'm expecting to get some great games from this feature too.

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Supporter24 months ago

I just wanted to comment that Cacao is Historic low even on the 3camels for 2 days but it has not changed the lowest price, and it changed inmediately... :)

Owner24 months ago

I'm still working on more reliability of prices but getting closer.