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Awarding extra dice for the best in-theme one-liners, puns and battle cries

Awarding booster dice or taking dice away from enemies because of morale or confusion works well in Role play games but it has been done in other games as well :D. It happened several times in our Star Wars "Edge of the Epire" RPG because all of our dialogue is rpg too and not just 'an attempt to barter, convince, charm' etc

Story time:

My friend roleplayed a Rodian mercenary who had the tendency to cut off the head of his favourite enemies. He always had a head or two, dangling on his toolbelt for no apparent practical reason other than intimidation. Not much of a talker, more the shooty shooty stabby stabby guy, right?

This one time, we encountered a security guard that kept us from entering a room. It rarely happens that we don't shoot first before we try to talk our way out of it. "Shoot First" could be our party credo for all I know. But, this one time, we DID get into a converstion.
Turned out, the guard didn't want to budge and proclaimed: "No, you can't pass with the right authorization; please state your identity and I will report this to the head of security"

Our Rodian friend takes a step forward, reaches for one of the heads dangling on his belt, holds it in the air and answers: "THIS head of scurity?"

Well: it got to a fight and our DM was impressed enough by this one-line to grant an extra attack die :)

In some occassions, We had the DM award booster dice for using a ultimately dry or funny one-liner or pun when attempting an attack or a challenge. If the game was a movie, the entertainment value would peak in these moments.

The mechanic isn't official and we don't try / abuse it every attempt.

Did you ever receive a boost or perk due to you a memorable moment in a gaming session? did you award them or does it oppose your principles of respecting the descrete ruleset and scope that defines the field of play?

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4 months ago

I really like giving mechanical advantages for 'good' or 'on character' roleplaying. I think it encourages players to participate and is a very concrete way to reward that. In conversations in games I have played we've often given players advantage (in D&D) for making a gneuinely convincing argument or disadvantage for talking nonsense. If someone isn't too comfortable with roleplaying then we tend to not hit them with negatives and are less forgiving with more confident players so it is all pretty person specific.

4 months ago

That is awesome! I'm not too into RPGs myself, but this sounds like a fun time. How do you like the Edge of the Empire RPG?

4 months ago

very much actually. Having a lot of background knowledge of the Universe does help a lot tohugh. Not for the plot per sé but to utilise your creativity. The narrative dice system is one of the best custom dice systems is pretty good.

4 months ago

Awesome! Thanks! I think my brother in law recently bought a book on this system so he might want to set up a campaign or one off in the future.

4 months ago

the films universe kind of ends at a cantina. Mandalorian picked up there; you could say #Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Core Rulebook does too. Also, very little jedi stuff. It's fun playing some kind of scum/good guy combo. a lot of room for ambiguity. We have a creative DM and it helps but the dice certainly helped my fall in love with custom dice mechanics :) | certainly try it! We mixed some RPG'ing elements with tactical combat elements so I'm not 100% what in the book but it entertained us. 

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