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Spoilers more hidden?

BGA Feature Request

My usual routine with this website is to open up the main page and scroll down to the "Active Forum Posts" and "User Activity Feed" to what current discussions are going on.

For the last two days, many posts marked [Spoiler] regarding the Pandemic Legacy games have appeared in these.

Is there any way to keep a thread marked with spoilers out of these summaries?


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47 days ago

I don't like the idea of keeping the thread out of the summary list as that's how I usually look to see what people are talking about. 

There is already a spoiler feature for posts and forums.  Maybe , and others, need to be better about using the existing functionality.  I've tried to keep my comments on those posts fairly generic and non-spoilerly but in the future I'll make sure that I hide anything that has to do with the game int he spoiler tag.

46 days ago

I wouldn't say that the thread necessarily needs to be excluded, but perhaps we don't need to see the actual post text in the "User Activity Feed" summary section? Even if only for posts with the Spoiler flair?

I take your point that there is a spoiler tag available that people should use, but if someone forgets it could still ruin a surprise for others skimming through.

It's probably not a major issue, but I thought I should at least prompt the discussion.

46 days ago

I appreciate you raising the discussion topic.  Its a discussion worth having. 

46 days ago

Oh man I didn't know there was a way to see posts like that.  Sorry about that.  I only look at stuff through the forum navigation, so I only see post titles and figured that people could just not click on it. 

If we post pictures of our boards can we black those out too?

Premium User47 days ago

That sounds like a good idea. That way will have her safe space to post without a million emails from me

Supporter47 days ago

That does make a lot of sense.