Expansions that Deepen or Relocate the Game's Theme


I like the idea of expansions that give a breath of fresh air to your favorite games without completely altering the gameplay. For example, there are expansions that mostly relocate the setting and introduce a few new mechanics, or expansions that introduce an entirely new element that expands your game's world.

With this in mind, here are some questions:

  • What are some of the best expansions out there that achieve this?
  • If you were to try and spice up your favorite game by introducing an expansion, what would it involve?
  • What would be the name of the expansion?

Bonus points if you include a picture of your idea :)

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9 months ago

It might be an obvious and old one but I like how #Carcassonne and its expansion work. There are so many and thei effects vary so much, it's like cooking a different dish every time. depending on which kids of the family are participating, themese and number of expansion are chosen. While the effects are in the same line, they bring different flavours and the combinations of the two make interesting games.


I like when an expansion does 3 things

  • fix a rule to make it more elegant, more tactical and more fun in general
  • add more componets  in line with the existing ones but an extra choice, giving a whole new meaning to existing pieces and content. A dramatic increase of permutations thanks to just a few extra bits
  • Makes replayability increase in an exponential  fashion
  • It's a bummer if expansions aren't compatible though. You want to play -everything- :D

Owner9 months ago

You know I've yet to play #Carcassonne but I liked their approach with the expansions. My favorite expansion so far is #Tuscany: Essential Edition. #Root is an obvious one with great expansions but too bad I don't have the right group to play with often!

9 months ago

#Root (including -all- expansions) has been on my watchlist for a while now but I bought a house today and I'm afraid my wishlist will be a dead end for a while :/

Owner9 months ago

Awesome, congrats on the purchase. Maybe you can hold off on getting new games and work on a game space for yourself :)

9 months ago

Gamespace will be the living room table I suppose but the house will have better sound isolation, permitting late sessions while my wife sleeps. Win!

Supporter9 months ago

I think the#Scythe: The Rise of Fenris expansion did a wonderful job with this. You are still playing Scythe, but now there is so much more theme and context to the game. The world feels more alive and richer. Also the new factions have some really radical abilities that totally change the way that you play the game. 

Owner9 months ago

I frequently hear about Rise of Fenris and how good it is but still have no idea about the details haha. Really need to borrow Trent's copy at some point and get in a solo play at least.

Premium User9 months ago

The Climate expansion for #Evolution
 really does this. It fits so naturally with the original theme of creatures fighting for resources and survival - of course they'd have to deal with the climate as well!

Hmm I'll have to think about what other expansions I'd like to see for games I like. Oceans just came out and isn't crying for one, but there may be an opportunity there.

Owner9 months ago

I would want something like this for #Root. A new big bad that's terrorizing the Woodland and all animals must band together to fight them off. The main gameplay would remain the same but it would be co-op and have a campaign feel to it. Ideal for solo play too :)

9 months ago

before you know it, you roll into game design (if you haven't alread) and discover that it is a wonderful teammate for your gaming hobby :)

Premium User9 months ago

This is an awesome idea! I'm not generally into co-ops myself, but I could see myself getting into that. You could also probably do something similar with #Everdell. It's a pretty peaceful game to begin with, so I think coming up with some common goal for players to work toward could work. Perhaps building the actual festival, or something like that.

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