My Top 4 Board Game Changes (1 per game)


This is one is going to be a little bit nit picky and it certainly isn't meant to say these games aren't great by themselves, but I like to think of tweaks sometimes just for the fun of it.

#Viticulture: Essential Edition - Small one here but I don't love the glossy cards, I like a bit of a matte/rough finish.

#Western Legends - I've said before I actually think I'd like this game with meeples.  Smaller box, smaller board, and I just love the simplicity of Meeples (which a lot of you know)

#Scythe - I know it's not the stated direction of the game, but I'd love more combat.  Still one of my top games, and I do enjoy the Cold War aspect.  But sometimes with a lot of experienced players it's all Cold War all the time.

#Clans of Caledonia - Bigger box.  Not even that much, it just needs a few centimeters here and there and everything would fit perfect.  (amiright )?

Does anyone else have something they'd like to change in their favorite games?

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Premium User10 months ago

I definitely agree matte cards are generally better. 

I disagree on Western Legends.  I think that anytime you are playing a specific individual a miniature really helps get in to the character and enjoy it more.  Of course that is personal preference.

For Scythe, I tend to like it the way it is but if you are more in to the war aspect you should check out the Rise of Fenris as there is some optional content that will allow you to make it more war gamey.

As to games I would tweak..

#Orléans: Could use a bigger box.  It has a bit of lid lift with all of the extras inside of it.  (I encapsulated my workers so that doesn't help.)

#Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale: Would have been nice if it came with reusable player map boards instead of paper.  Although it is nice to have something at the end of the game so it's a bit debateable.

Premium User10 months ago

I wish Dune was bigger. The board should be bigger, the spice tokens should be bigger, the troop tokens should be bigger. I've seen people homebrew their own board and tokens and I've considered it haha

10 months ago

If you were allowed a second change for #Scythe would you also like that to have meeples for the Mechs/leaders?

Supporter10 months ago

I'd say while I generally prefer Meeples I do think minis have their place in a game.  I think in Scythe it lends to understanding the game more to have the plastic pieces and the wooden pieces since they have different rules.  I really like the mix and the way the minis look on the board.  Having said that, usually there is going to be more wood pieces on the board than plastic so that helps a bit.

I'm not totally anti mini, I just think sometimes they are done too much and can be used cosmetically to cover up a bad game design.

10 months ago

Gotcha, makes a lot of sense, the minis in scythe allow them to stand out from the little worker meeples. I imagine it makes reading the board easier.

And yes, I totally agree that mini's can be used unecessarily but that they have their place in some games.

Supporter10 months ago

You beat me to this question. LOL

10 months ago

Great minds...

Supporter10 months ago


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