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What theme has the most variety? Weekly Challenge #8

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What theme would you say has the most variety of games? Not just the most games, but variery of mechanics, play time, age ranges etc?

Off the top of my head, I would pick pirates. (yeah, todays romanticized version of pirates)

Thens there's too many economic, Pick-up and Deliver, battle, and adventure pirate games to mention. Are there any great pirate games I missed?

Or to phrase the question a more clichéd way: If your stuck on a desert island and can only have games of one theme, what theme would you pick?

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Supporter4 months ago

I'd probably put Fantasy and/or SciFi as having the possibilty of the most variety because you can make up totally new worlds in any game.

If I had to pick one theme it would be historical, which also has a lot of variety because there is a lot of history.  Also, I don't know if I could chuck alternate history in there too if so then definitely that's my desert island pick.

4 months ago

Yeah generic sci-fi or fantasy was going to be my answer. You can slap that theme over almost any game and it could probably work, therefore there are lots of games in those wide genres.

Supporter4 months ago

I too was going to say sci-fi.

Supporter4 months ago

Space/SciFi all the way. There are so many different possibilities to explore within that theme. 

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