Deception Games

Games like Avalon and Dark Moon any game that has a traitor in it? How well do your relationships hold up afterwards lol. Whether it be significant others, friends or

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18 months ago

ive never had a bad experience with damaged relationships with these games. id assume its generally accepted that lying and deception and backstabbing is the name of the game so you go in expecting it and come out unscathed by it

18 months ago

They definitely lead to some heated debates at times, but my group has played so many over the years that we're used to how we interact and never any hard feelings towards each other.  I had a friend create a nice variant of traditional warewolf/mafia style game, and for 'play testing' we did LOTS of games. Mafia: Death and Deception

Now I will say though, from games like this, my wife refuses to play any of them now.  Not because we ever had a sour relationship from a game like this, just that she is smart enough to realize if she played it would cause problems lol

18 months ago

LOL my girlfriend is mad because I can usually tell hen she's lying in those games. Though there was one time when she really got the better of me and she relished that