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Top 5 Games I Would Keep If I Was Limited to 5

If my collection was limited to 5 games TOTAL, these are the ones I would pick (in no particular order).

  1. #Santorini - gotta have an abstract, and this is my favorite. I quick and easy game for 2 players that feels fresh every time.
  2. #Tiny Towns - this is my pick to play with the family or any group, whether they're gamers or not. It's easy to teach and learn, plays somewhat quickly, and plays up to 6 with basically no downtime. This is a great one to have in a tight collection because it's both strategic and simple.
  3. #Oceans - a little bit heavier strategy than the first two, this one is not too hard to teach and learn, and is great for anybody wanting to get a little deeper into strategy games
  4. #Everdell - my favorite game to play with my wife. It hasn't gotten old yet. As my #1 play partner, I need to have a game that we just love to play together.
  5. #Dune - the heaviest game I own. Playing this with my friend group is just so much fun, and if my collection was limited to 5, getting this to the table more often would make it even more satisfying to play, and I'm sure the strategy would develop over time.

What's your 5 game collection?

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Owner5 months ago

I actually don't need to accommodate that many different types of groups, so I think I have it easier. I mainly need to cover solo, 2p games with my wife, and family game nights. And it sure helps a lot that my favorite games to play with my wife have great solo modes and that my mom is interested in trying them out too!

#Clans of Caledonia - Fantastic 2p game with my wife. It'll be relatively easy for my mom to pick up on too. And while it's not my absolute favorite for solo, I do like it a lot.

#Concordia - Another great 2p game with my wife. To be honest though, I think I should go with #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated instead. We just like the thrill factor when pulling the Clank! cubes out of the bag. I just don't know how much we'll like the game once we're done with the legacy portion.

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - My favorite to solo so far.

#Camel Up (second edition) - Silly random fun for the family and I just love it. Easy to add in more people if we had guests over.

#Just One - It was either this or #Welcome to... It's another fantastic game for the family or with guests, and this one gets a plus for being the only co-op in this list.

Supporter5 months ago

Nice prompt. I would keep 5 games. I don't want to give any of them up. 

5 months ago

Solid list!

Supporter5 months ago

Yeah, and I think it matches quite well with my Expansion list I posted earlier today.

Premium User5 months ago

Ouch! That would be a dang hard choice!  Here's what I think off the cuff:

#Paladins of the West Kingdom - great solo experience and my wife plays and I think I can get the kids to play one day.  Possibly my favorite game to play solo.

#Gloomhaven - with so many quests to play I feel like if I only had five games I'd be able to get my family to play this.  The solo experience is great and I will probably play through the entire campaign solo at some point.

#Wingspan - One of our top played games and a favorite for Becky and I.  I enjoy the solo experiece with this game as well.

#Heaven & Ale - fantastic games and one of my hidden gems.  Not a lot of folks in the states play this one or have it high on their list as far as I can tell.  Becky will play this with me too.

#Scythe - The last game is tough to choose but Scythe has to me it because I have every expansion and it is great to play.  I've only soloed a few times but it is fun and it is my absolute favorite game with 6-7 player counts.  It's also blinged out pretty good, so this would be a tough one to pass on.

Runner Up - #Clans of Caledonia - could potentially replace Heaven & Ale but a tough call.  I think it would see slightly fewer plays than the others but the solo experience is solid.  

5 months ago

You know I didn't consider solo in my list, but I haven't really dove into that side of gaming yet. Your list is a fair bit heavier than mine, on average.

Supporter5 months ago

This is a interesting sort of list. It is fascinating how the "bare essentials" are often different from our favorites. 

5 months ago

Yep. Pretty good crossover with my favorites, but Tiny Towns wouldn't make my top 5, for example.

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