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Declined: Why I Don’t Back Games on Kickstarter

Kickstarter is huge for board games. You can get exclusive KS bonuses - get games before everyone else, yet, here's why I don't back games on Kickstarter....

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23 months ago

You’re 3rd point is interesting. I’d say it’s solid for 99% of kickstarted games because they don’t spend the up front time getting the game to the right reviewers. However there are a few that do get it in the hands of varied and credible board gamers that make it worth buying during the Kickstarter to get it ahead of time. Root is an example of a game that sold out retail copies nearly immediately when it launched.

23 months ago

I don’t think the budget reason really works. Most kickstarters have pledge levels where you’re saving more than you would buy at retail or you get expansions for free.