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Wishlist of a Reviewer


So I have to admit that while my collection is not as large as other reviewers/collectors out there, it's still pretty damn big. My review queue is quite sizable, with new games arriving on my doorstep weekly.

So what's on the wishlist of a reviewer who gets 99% of their games for free ( as no money out of my pocket)

Simple! Older games that aren't really sent out for review, additions to game series of reviewed games, and Grail Games that most likely will never end up in my collection. I'm looking at you #Kingdom Death: Monster.

My current wishlist is as follows:

I try to keep this list as trim as I can, frequently going through it and adding/removing games. Gloomhaven was on there for a while until I won a copy in a giveaway. Spending over $100 on a single game when I have so many unplayed games isn't really an option for me.

If you were to look right now you'd see a LOT of Ticket to Ride stuff. As one of my oldest kid's favorite game, and an easy one to pull out and play almost any time, it's great to have varying maps and play options.

There's some #PitchCar stuff on there too. Sometimes expansions are hard to come by and are expensive when you can find them. There are specific pieces I really want for our set, so these stay on the list.

Getting free games isn't always awesome (lies), and you're at the mercy of what companies want to be reviewed, not so much what you personally want. Wishlists are fun for EVERYONE!

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Supporter4 months ago

You weren't kidding about the TTR stuff.

Also, thanks for showing thethe "negative(ish)" side of reviewing games. 

4 months ago

I never really know how it works for reviewers, are you asked to send the game back eventually or do you keep them?

Partner4 months ago

Keep them.  Very rarely I'm asked to send a prototype back or forward it along to another reviewer.

4 months ago

Gotcha, I could imagine by having copies of all the latest games you could probably get some pretty decent trades for the games you really want? 

4 months ago

Unless that would be unethical? Maybe you'd have to wait a while before trading them, who knows

Partner4 months ago

I have, on occasion, gotten some good trades this way. The games are mine to do as I like once I've upheld my part of the review process :)

4 months ago

Makes sense, have any of the games you are sent ended up as your favourites?

Partner4 months ago

WIngspan and ROOT come to mind quite quickly :)

4 months ago

#Root is one I very much want to play!

Partner4 months ago

It's SO good. The digital version is excellent, too. No need to find other players!

4 months ago

Are the AI's challenging?

Partner4 months ago

For me they are!

4 months ago

Nice, a part of me is very tempted to pick it up but the price is quite high for a digital game and that cash could go towards a physical version of something (maybe even Root!)

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