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Supporter17 months ago

Let’s talk Scythe. I am by no means an expert but perhaps if I post something we can get a conversation going.

One of the top complaints you hear about Scythe is the lack of interaction between players. The game certainly does not do a great job of highlighting some of the different strategies that can be used to win the game. Not interacting is one you can try but with experienced players you might find it less successful than you expect.

Despite having the big mechs this is not a war game, it’s a Cold War game. This is a land torn up by the Great War. The people are tired of fighting. Those mechs you have are used more for moving workers and resources around now than they are for fighting. But they can and should be ready to fight at a moments notice.

And this is where the interaction comes in. Your opponent has left a territory with 5 resources and a worker sitting all alone. Some of those 5 resources can be used as the bottom action for your top move action. Gee it would be great to swoop in kick that worker off and pay 1 popularity for 5 resources! Oh, but you stayed home and aren’t close enough? Darn.

And that’s the trick that makes Scythe great, with the tunnels and 2 moves you can be nearly anywhere on the map IF you have your forces projected outward and you are watching your opponents. Don’t be afraid to spend some popularity if it nets you a big gain but most of all make sure your are around to take advantage of situations when thy do arise.

This has the twofold effect of letting you take advantage of opportunities when they do come up and causing your opponent to modify their plans to get more power/combat cards to hold you off. They also will need to make sure they have mechs when maybe the mechs aren’t efficient for them and they will have to be more careful with what units end up where on thei board if they know you might swoop in.

And if a great opportunity comes up take it even if it is a popularity hit. Unless it is super late game you can usually make up the ground.

Finally, having yourself projected on the board helps a lot with the late game land grab. If you are already out there it is a lot easier to grab a few extra territories just before the game ends.

Anyway, just my two cents. I am sure more experienced players could give us a better more nuanced take on it!