Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 Playthrough - May (SPOILERS hidden)


Creating this post so that others can eventually also post their play throughs in here.  Will write about mine below. 

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2 months ago

Early May - Win!

So some notes about the setup for our game:

  • We misinterpreted the question about disease transmission.  We thought it was "what would you like the disease to be spread by?" and then picked the least bad option for spreading.  Instead, it was "based on your clues, how do you think the disease is spread?" and in that case we totally would have picked airborne because of the maps of the air currents we found and stuff.  So we lost a funding, but jokes on them we didn't have any funding left anyway.   
  • Darn it our extra funding guy got murdered.  We were hoarding the funding because we knew we were going to run out later.  My husband was telling us we just should use it because they're probably just going to take it away from us later and he was right again.  That's 2/2 on predictions for him.   
  • On our personnel card, we chose 4/5 for "are we better than other people at our jobs", 2/5 for our ability to convince people, and 5/5 for our ability to complete multiple objectives.  We'll see if our confidence is overrated later haha.   

After that, we spent 15-20 minutes discussing who should go first haha.  Our objective was to try to block off the pursuit as quickly as possible so we didn't have to chase those tokens all over the map.  So we wanted to block off Johannesburg quickly in case we got an escalation but we were also worried about the cities with 3 agents.  In the end we compromised on first blocking off the route going straight to Cairo (the nearest Soviet city) and then blocking of the other route a few turns later.  We were actually pretty lucky in this game though because we got 5 full turns in before drawing an Escalation card.  Of course that means we had some back to back ones later in the game, but the long break in the beginning let us block off Johannesburg and also get well on our way to getting a couple of teams formed.   

We actually were pretty lucky this whole game. We had only 3 incidents, though one of those caused 3 of our members to lose a cover, and we managed to finish the game after only 3 Escalation cards had been drawn (though the next card in the deck was another one, we checked when we were finished).  There was one point were it was looking super bad in terms of agents on the board, but our MCC's (aka dispatcher) other alias is the one that lets you take an action token when you start your turn in a safe house so he had 4 tokens saved up and managed to do one uber turn to clear off most of the dangerous cities and move the teams to where they needed to complete the Sabik objective.  Oh speaking of that one, we chose to only file the abbreviated version of the report with the CIA, we did not tell them about Sabik's suspisions about Coop.   

Forgot to take a photo of the board this time =(

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