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What sort of AI do you prefer?


I have been thinking about AIs in solo gaming. I think that there are a number of different types, I am curious what you all tend to prefer.

Firstly, there is the kind that I tend to prefer. This is run by a deck of cards a la the AIs that the automata factory puts out. These can have a bit of a learning curve, but are generally pretty easy to run.

There are many games that have flowchart AIs. For example, many of the war(ish) games from GMT such as their COIN games have flowcharts that run the AI. These are very good, and generally pretty dynamic and responsive ais. But, they really do take a lot of time to run.

There are also coop games which have various different types of AI oppenents built in, most of them are some sort of cardbased, which could almost fit into the first category. But there are also those that have an virtual component in the AI, I am thinking of something like #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, I believe #Star Wars Imperial Assault has a app assisted ai.

So, which type of AI do you tend to prefer?

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5 months ago

This is such a great question! For a frame of reference for my response, these are the games that I have played solo with AI: #Wingspan, #The Gallerist, #Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star. #Anachrony seems to have an interesting Chronobot AI where its actions are determined by what number is rolled on a D6, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

I really enjoyed the card based AI in #Wingspan. It felt very easy to follow, well-designed in a creative way with the round cards rotating to show which action the Automa would take on its turn. It provided an opportunity to strategize my own turns knowing the dynamics of the actions that it might end up taking. This AI didn't take away from the gameplay experience for myself playing solo.

#The Gallerist is a little different in that Lacerda's pawn moves around the board in clockwise fashion and only takes an action at one location. His movement and actions are predictable and easy to manage. I liked that. As solo mode was my first play through of The Gallerist, I could learn how to play the game without feeling like the AI was taking up too much of my brain power. #Lisboa seems a little more detailed in what Lacerda's (AI) actions are each turn, which may or may not be a detractor in the game experience, but I will have to try it to find out.

#Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star is a whole different story. The multiplayer version of this game is just so fun! I've only played one game of the solo campaign so far, which may influence some of my thoughts here. It puts you against the NPC's who follow specific behaviors each turn and they potentially could gain several Fame Point's (VP's) per turn. While this solo mode is primarily driven by the simple actions on their cards, each NPC follows the same patterns almost every turn. I found it really hard to keep up with the NPC's points each turn and try to achieve my goal card. Maybe another playthrough will change my thoughts...

Overall, card-based AI has been my main exposure in solo games so far, and I do enjoy it! But I am certainly interested in trying out other games with different AI mechanics :)

Supporter5 months ago

I have been quite intrigued by Xia of late. I would love to give it a try. 

Premium User5 months ago

I definitely prefer the card based AI or even the #Teotihuacan: City of Gods which doesn't use cards but is easier to rin than a flowchart.  I think for me the issue is how much does the AI resemble playing against an actual player.  

Supporter5 months ago

That is definitely important. 

Supporter5 months ago

App assisted would be my preference, but many game developers don't have the resources to build such an app. 

The next best option is the Automa style deck of cards. 

I honestly have not tried a flowchart style game before but it seems really interesting.

Supporter5 months ago

Flowcharts can be daunting. Look up some COIN flowcharts for an example of what I mean. 

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