BGA Feature #5 Forum Sorting Options


I've just added 3 new sorting options for the forum after seeing some feedback from people! You can now sort by the most recently commented on posts, the most commented on posts within the last week, or the most commented posts of all time!

As always, keep up the feedback and I'll turn them into reality!

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Supporter10 months ago

Cool.  And I'm proud to have created one of the the top three most commented posts.

Supporter10 months ago

At least I'm in the top ten. I was quite impressed by how long your post was. 

Supporter10 months ago

Sweet, it's awesome to have easy access to the greatest posts of all time :D

10 months ago

Excellent changes! These will make using the forum significantly easier.

Supporter10 months ago

This is a good update and one that I will use frequently!

Supporter10 months ago

Perfect. Thank you sir. I'm looking forward to messing with that. 

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