Can you find your destined board games in your initials?


This is inspired by a post I saw on a facebook group!

Can you describe your board game preferences naming two games that start with your initials?

Here's mine:

P - #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

R - #Root

Surely doesn't cover all grounds, but it was funny seeing those two come up as a pair. I really didn't have any others to choose from because soooooo many games that I love don't start with my initials. Either way, it was a fun exercise and those games do include a lot of what I tend to gravitate toward:

  • Medium weight (not too simple, not overly complex)
  • Not too many moving parts. I love it when I encounter games that are surprisingly deep despite having so few pieces involved
  • Tests my strategic and tactical decision-making skills
  • Great thematic ties in mechanics
  • Great solo mode
  • Scales well for 2p count (this is the only category that the two games are NOT ideal for)

I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Premium User12 months ago

This is fun! Unfortunately I haven't come up with a good set that I feel like represents my game interests super well, but I'll put down what I have so far:

  • D: #Dune - Ok yes I love this game. I don't, however, think it is representative of my overall tastes. It's long and epic, and pretty ruthless. None of those are qualities I gravitate toward in games.
  • C: #Concordia - I didn't include my middle initial at first, but Concordia is so great that I have to!
  • L: #Lords of Waterdeep - This is a game I like, but not necessarily love. I will gladly play it any time, though. I did give it as a gift to my brother in law last Christmas, so I'm sure once social distancing guidelines are lifted, we'll try to get it to the table. Another option at this letter would be #Lost Cities - another game I enjoy but don't love.

Premium User12 months ago

Hmm I feel like #Dinosaur Island might be a bit more representative of my tastes than Dune overall, though I haven't played it.

Owner12 months ago

Didn't expect to see #Lords of Waterdeep haha, I can see how you struggled with L. I initially thought about making this exercise using each letter of your full name but I personally found that way too difficult lol. And there was also the dilemma of "should I go with my first name? I can get #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) that way.... but I can get #Root if I went with my last name!" 

12 months ago

Ha, interesting concept:

R - #Raiders of the North Sea (I secretly prefer #Architects of the West Kingdom but I don't have an A in my name) I really enjoy this take on worker placement, as it means you can usually do one of the things you want to do, but rarely both so you have to keep your plan flexible. 

N - #Nemesis (Adding in my middle initial so I can talk about this game) Love the theming and narrative that this game has always created when I've played it. I sadly don't own it as I don't have all the money but am always delighted when it hits the table at my club.

T - #The Grizzled (I actually struggled with 'T' surprisingly) I do really like this game though, it is full of tricky decisions and 'the unknown'. The themeing is wonderfully refreshing and well implemented.

The trends I see in games I like:

  • Theme intergrated with mechanics: Nemesis and The Grizzled I think both do this really well.
  • Games where negotiation and conversation are baked in and vital for the game (nemesis does this, but my favourites are things like #Archipelago and #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game or #No Honor Among Thieves)
  • A puzzle to crack, whether that be efficiency or engine building. While this often doesn't go hand in hand with my other preferences, there is a definite part of my brain that loves to test itself in this way.
  • Games that produce stories, all the better if the game itself doesn't force a story on you but enables the actions of the players to create one.

Owner12 months ago

I like your description for worker placement, so true and I really like that part too xD

I'd love to try out #Nemesis some day. Unfortunately, I feel like it's going to be a longgggg time until that's possible haha. Baesd on your descriptions, I feel like you'd really appreciate #Root's puzzles, the theme, and the tabletalk!

12 months ago

Nemesis is great, it really fits into my preferences. I would love for there to be slightly more in terms of shared objectives, as the semi-coop aspect can fall apart a little too soon for my tastes but otherwise it is a messy joyous box of fun that still leaves room for strategy.

12 months ago

M: #Monopoly

B: #Bridge

I'm not so sure about these ones ;D

12 months ago

Ha, I mean who doesn't love spending 8 hours slowly going broke?

12 months ago

N. - #Nemo's War (Second Edition) - Never played but I see the appeal and I love the theme! A little out of my normal preferences with a lot of dice luck being needed, but it can be mitiagated with some gambling and using powers. 

K. - #Keyflower - LOVE this game. Very interesting decisions with bidding and workerplacement. Highly strategic and unique!

F. - #Fort - Not a ton of options here, but Fort seems to hit a lot of my boxes in a game! Interaction, interesting decisions every turn and you always need to be aware of what other people are doing!

Owner12 months ago

#Keyflower! As I played #Lions of Lydia: A Strategic Game of Ancient Prestige, I was reminded that I'm going to really like that game. Lions had some interesting decision-making involved with the merchants/meeples, and I know that Keyflower is going to be the epitomy of meeple goodness :)

You know, I still haven't played but I wonder if #Fort could potentially serve a similar function as #Wingspan. I feel like with the theme and the art, it'll be a big draw for new/casual gamers. I definitely don't think it'll reach as big of a status as Wingspan, but it'd be wonderful if it becomes the deck-builder for many people who are new to the hobby. Will be trying it out today!

12 months ago

I think you would really dig Keyflower for sure. I am not sure if it would be a fit with your wife, but you would like it. 

I think so too. Anytime you use the words, "pizza and toys" to describe the resources in a game, it becomes very relatable! Plus it plays in less time that Wingspan. 

12 months ago

I love #Keyflower, the dual bidding and using of cards and the reall fascinating engine building you can do. PLus the fact that whenever you upgrade a tile your opponents always use it first is ingenious.

Premium User12 months ago

I'm going to do your letters too, because why not?

12 months ago

I have not played any of those lol, I have heard good things about all of them though!

Premium User12 months ago

D - #DOOM: The Board Game

R - #Russian Railroads

E - #Ecos: First Continent

For D, a good old dice chucking, action packed, thriill ride of a game.  These type of games create so many fun moments with your friends around the table.  Yes, you can lose to the dice but in the end you had fun anyway so who cares?

For R, a euro with lots of paths to take, some blocking on the board and a requirement to keep an eye on your opponents to see what they are up to.  (To be most accurate I'd have to find one maybe a bit tighter than Russian Railroads but that's what my initial gave me.)

For E, another euro but one with a creative element.  I love games where you put tiles down and create something and this one has a lot of that while also being a fun game with a competitve element between players.

Premium User12 months ago

Ecos seems pretty fun to me. Hope to try that one some day.

Premium User12 months ago

My group quite enjoyed it.  We ended up playing it again after the first game which is a rare occurence.


Premium User12 months ago

Nice! I don't think my group has ever done that with any game more complex than like Munchkin.

Owner12 months ago

That's a great variety right there! And nice breakdown of your preferences. Now, am I correct in assuming each of those games aren't your absolute favorites for those categories? Or do your initials happen to lineup perfectly with your destined games? xD

Premium User12 months ago

Not my top favourites in each category but definitely good ones.  Also missing are the pure dudes on a map style game which Doom doesn't quite cover.  

Hmmm, maybe an idea for another list.