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DIE in the Dungeon: Solo Reverse Dungeon Crawl


#DIE in the Dungeon! hits Kickstarter soon and he just released the intro video (link below).

I'm really excited for this game. I love a good dungeon crawl, and the solo aspect makes it quite appealing to me (although I do hear that you can play 2-players cooperatively as well). I've been following along with the game's production and I like what I see. Anyone else interested in this one?

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Owner7 months ago

Now here's a punny game @Crazybirdman :D

Love a good dice game, I'm looking forward to seeing your review Ben! Always enjoy seeing games with this twist in the typical genre/theme.

7 months ago

And, no sooner did I make this post live than the delivery man dropped off a review copy of DIE in the Dungeon! on my doorstep! My hype is even more now haha

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