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To celebrate the successful landing of Perseverance, we are recapping On Mars today. The high complexity, low luck, colony building game from Vital Lacerda. If you want a summary of this beast of a game, check it out

We are also doing a global giveaway for On Mars in partnership with board game atlas. You can enter that here to win a copy

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Premium User10 days ago

In the Patreon comments, you discussed how you feel like it's complex for complexity's sake. Have you played any other Lacerda games that you particularly enjoy?

10 days ago

CO2. I thought that worked really well and was intriguing, which is why its in my recommend. It was in my top 100 a few years back, but i havent played it in a while. 

According to Conan, who is one of my core testers, he suggests i would like the Gallerist a lot more as well. 

Premium User9 days ago

I’ve played #Lisboa #The Gallerist and #Vinhos so far. #On Mars and #Kanban EV are in the near future. (One of the members of my group has them.) 

Generally I agree. They are complexity for complexities sake. Lisboa is probably the worst offender in my eyes out of the ones I have played.

As games I would rate them as “fine”.  The components are excellent but the interconnections between systems get to ridiculous levels. I am sure there are people that absolutely love the games and I can see why they might. For me it’s to the point of diminishing returns.

That said I consider them to be a part of the hobby that should be visited by everyone at some point.  I’m glad I have played them and I am looking forward to playing On Mars and Kanban EV in the future.  However, if I never play them again I won’t be worried either. 

Supporter8 days ago

I do very much feel like I do need to try one (or some) at some point. This one, or #Lisboa, would be my first pics. 

Premium User10 days ago

I have definitely heard good things about #The Gallerist, and I've seen a lot of love for #Lisboa as well.

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