Game of the Week (Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure)

Let's talk about #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure! Do you like it, own it, play it all the time, dislike, best strategies, or anything related to it?

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3 months ago

Clank is one of our favorites! We own everything for regular clank except for a few promo cards. The game is unique because players truly determine the level of tension in the game. We love that with sooooo many cards and board options (including the completed legacy board) every game and playthrough is different, and you need to base your deckbuild on what is available, which always varies greatly. The only flaw used to be player count, but the latest expansion fixed that. The only flaw now is the new asymmetrical characters are a bit unbalanced, with some much better than others.

4 months ago

We like #Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure a lot but we think that even though games aren't on the short side of deck building games, players' decks grow so big that there is very limited space for cool interaction between cards. We love the humor, the setting, the dragon, the push-your-luck element, etc. But if we simply want to enjoy deck building, we play #The Quest for El Dorado

Premium User4 months ago

I am wondering if perhaps the game length is also related to your decks growing so big?

Unless a card you really like shows up in the row I always spend the first turn or two buying basic cards.  They are the foundation you need to get good movement and buy more cards.  I try to have a fair number of those before I buy anything else.

On the other hand, you do not want to just buy any card you can get your hand on all the time.  Otherwise you end up bloating your deck as you mentioned and lose all of your synergy.  So if you don't buy anything for a turn now and then that's perfectly fine. 

Of course, it's unlikely to ever be as quick as The Quest for El Dorado at the same player count due to the difference in depth which isn't a bad thing.  There's a game for whatever mood you are in!


4 months ago

We tried playing with leaner decks. We did not like it. It's like going to a all-you-can-eat and only getting vegetables and one dessert. Besides, basic cards do not interact with other cards at all. They just give you movement, swords or money, but do not have any cool effect like "get a coin for every XXXX in your hand" and other powers like that.

Because the deck is so big and random, it is very difficult to decide a strategy early on and keep to it, like, for example, buy minion related cards, or rely on one-time-effect cards.

Like we said, we like the game very much. We simply feel that the deck building part of it is not as well resolved as in other games.

Premium User4 months ago

I can see where you are coming from.  It's definitely not as tight as some other deck building games out there for sure.  I tend to like the tactical elements of making the most with what you have so I don't mind it throwing a bunch of stuff at you.  

I do think that you are missing out by not grabbing basic cards early on though.  They lay a good foundation to buy more cool cards and move more reliably which is pretty key to doing well in the game.  

No worries though, so many games to play, there's something for everyone!  And I do like #The Quest for El Dorado a ton.  What other deck building games are you in to?

3 months ago

The other deck builders we have are coop: #Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game and #Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle. We still haven't played the magician one. We are waiting for the kids to grow up and at least see the movies.

We like Legendary but setting up the game is a chore and games are quite long so we do not play it as often as Clank or The Quest for el Dorado.

I would love to play #Aeon's End.

And then there's #Mage Knight: Ultimate Edition. Well, that is a beast and I love it but no one at home wants to play with me so it rests on the top of the bookshelve waiting for better days.

Premium User3 months ago

Legendary is a good one as well.  There are so many different sets you can buy for it now.  A friend of mine has a bunch and uses an online tool to help him figure out what to play.

I found Aeon's End to be ok.  Played through the first couple of scenarios in the legacy game but it didn't blow me away to be honest.  The tweak of the spell slots is different for sure though.

I haven't played Mage Knight but it's a perennial favourite.  

Clank! is my favourite deck builder overall but I own quite a few so there are always options.

For me I play and enjoy #Hero Realms when I'm looking for a real pure deck builder. 

For a take that element #Dune: Imperium or #Arctic Scavengers: Base Game + HQ + Recon are great.  For something a bit less known with an interesting take that check out #Vikings Raid & Conquer Game.  

Games like #Great Western Trail or #Maracaibo have deck building elements in them.  #Orléans is a bag builder but close enough I figure.

Lots of possibilities!

4 months ago

Love it! One of my youngest's favorites too, which is nice.

Premium User4 months ago

I own #Clank! In! Space! but have played the original plus finished a campaign of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

It's for sure my favourite deck building game which is one of my favourite genres. The humour works well for me, the gameplay works well, and for me the overall package is wonderful!

For solo play I highly recommend grabbing the Renegade app and playing through their campaigns.  It adds some flavour to the games plus gives you some objectives during the game and even rates how well you did!



4 months ago

LOVE IT! Although I STILL haven't played Legacy yet, despite owning it (I know, I know...). I just love the adventure aspect included with the deckbuilding. And the stress that comes knowing you're probably going to die in the depths but still try to escape anyway. I always have a great time playing it and will never turn down an opportunity to do so.

Premium User4 months ago

Oh man, you have to play Legacy for sure.  Probably the best legacy campaign I have played short of #Gloomhaven.

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