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The Non-Wish List


I don't know about everyone else, but when I first got into the hobby I was a lot less discerning in my game picks.  Everything excited me because I didn't realize the scope of gaming.  This I think lead me to a few poor choices in games at the beginning of my purchasing, which gave me the idea, what games do I have that maybe now I wouldn't have picked up.  So what would I have looked at that would have never made it to my wish list or shelf.

1. #Pandemic: Iberia - While I had a few fun plays (including one with my daughter) I don't really care much for coop games.  Currently its sitting in exile and doesn't plan on seeing the light of day anytime soon.  Don't get my wrong, it's a beautiful game, and I think overall the theme is good, there are just so many other games that are higher up on my play list.

2. #Tiny Epic Zombies - This one is decent, but the main mode again is coop (even though you can play 4 against 1).  I really loved the look of what it packed into a small box, but just like Iberia I don't see it hitting the table anytime soon.

3. #Bargain Quest - This is a game that has a really cool theme that I picked up to play with my daughter.  We've played a few times but we have other games we play more so I'm not sure if it was worth the $30 to pick it up

4. (kind of on the edge). #Star Wars Imperial Assault (I know for some this is heresy).  The main thing here is that meta game has become something that is so important to me and I feel like this lacks that.  Granted I always play as the Empire, but I also don't really love that either because it feels like I'm doing my own thing and I can't interact the way I'd like to.  And... if I play as the Heroes I'm essentially playing a coop game again.  Perhaps this wouldn't be on my list if I played Skirmish mode more.

What about you?  Do you have games that are on your "Non-Wish List".

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4 months ago

I think I bought #The Staufer Dynasty at the wrong time, it has some really interesting mechanics that are a really great puzzle. However, it came along at a time when I got gifted a few other games that will just always hit the table ahead of it so it has got comparatively few plays.

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