What did you play this week? (5/24/2021)

(5/24/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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29 days ago

Pretty solid week! Probably wont be able to play much this week because of it lol

  • #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - I would say we are probably 2/3 through the campaign. This scenario was really long...took us probably 3 hours, but the game is still fun. The narrative is not the most interesting thing but I love the gameplay, the items, the pros and cons. It is quite fun. 
  • #Dune: Imperium @ 3-players - This playthrough confirmed what I was feeling about the game. Not many paths to victory and the mechanics of the game are a little too mixed to stand out. It just does a lot for what it is and myself and my group tend to like more elegant designs. Sold it and am planning on snagging #Stationfall as a late pledge.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game Solo - I replayed the same Klaw Scenario with the same Thor deck to see if I could figure it out and I lost, but not as bad this time. I did end up tinkering with the Aggression deck this time to make sure I had some more thwarting and defense. I was just getting destroyed by side schemes!

I have played ALOT of #Innovation online as well with a friend and I really enoy it too! 

Premium User28 days ago

I gotta bust out JOTL way more than I do. Maybe I'll add it into our next challenge to entice Sarah to play more. She's not really into the story aspect either which is too bad because that would have been a major selling point if it were better. At least given it is a campaign I can always tell her we can get rid of it when we finish! Haha

29 days ago

I started bringing games to play with my 4th grade Sunday school class!  They always have a box of games provided but like many classroom boxes none of the games have the complete set of pieces.  So I decided to just bring my own every week.  Last week we played several games of #Tsuro which went over very well.  This week I brought #Animal Upon Animal and #Bites.  Bites we played our first game with no chocolate or wine pieces and then introduced those into our second game.  Both games seemed be well recieved. 

Any other recommendations?  They need to play relatively quickly, like 15 min or less becuase we're just playing during free time.  Next week I'm going to bring #Tak for one girl who beats everyone at #Connect 4, even the teachers.  I also was thinking about #Kingdomino or #Lanterns: The Harvest Festival?  Should I try out #Once Upon a Time: The Storytelling Card Game?  I think #Poetry For Neanderthals would also be good but I don't own that one. 

29 days ago

#Just One would be a good game for that environment.  Plus if you need to end early you could.

My BIL introduced his class to #Sushi Go Party! and #Can't Stop and both of those have gone over really well.

#Codenames would be a good one.  Especailly if you split the class into boys v girls (watch the girls destory the boys - almost always happens at least in my experience)

#Dr. Eureka would be a fun, if nosy one.  If you had multiple sets then everyone could play along - 4 players in the box but simple enough to have as many people as you wanted play along.

#King of Tokyo would be another good one, again with all of the dice rolling it might be a little louder than you want.

#Point Salad is a game that my kids enjoy and is easy enough to play and teach in under 15 min.

#Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition or #Railroad Ink: Blazing Red either would work, especially if you made physical copies of the board and had the entire class play along with the one set of dice. 

#Welcome to...is another game simlar to Railroad ink that would work well.

#Rhino Hero is a fun one and would most dexterity type games ( #Junk Art, #Men At Work, etc)

Hope there is somethign in this list that is helpful.


24 days ago

Funny enough, #Dr. Eureka was one of the games in the box that is missing pieces.  My copy at home has suffered a similar fate since I let my kid play with the marbles... I will never see them all again haha. 

I also own #Codenames, #Sushi Go!, and #King of Tokyo so I will give those a try as well.  Our class only usually has 1-2 girls to about 4-6 boys though so I won't be able to watch the girls destroy the boys unfortunately haha.  I haven't played any roll and writes so I'll have to look into that genre as well. 

Thanks for the list!  Definitely some good ideas. 

22 days ago

good old #Azul


My kids are nearly as good as my wife and myself and that makes it a fun competition.
My wife calls it "the ideal summer game"

Premium User21 days ago

Such a classic.  It's one of my favourites.  I don't think I've met anyone who doesn't like it to one degree or another.

24 days ago

Played #Flamme Rouge with the #Flamme Rouge: Meteo expansion.  3 Player game.  First time with expansion it was good.  Adds just enough without changing the overall feel and length of the game.  Close race as we had all 6 racers bunched together for the first 1/2 then a small breakway that I was able to catch and pass on the final turn to wiin the race.

Played #The Godfather: Corleone's Empire w/ 4.  A pretty close game between 1st and 3rd.  Guys thought I was the leader (and I might have been) and got hit pretty hard in the final act.  3rd place, snuck out a couple of control wins and a couple of job wins and won by a single dollar.  Really love this game, especially with a group that knows whats possible and how to extend each act as long as possible.

Broke out #This War of Mine: The Board Game for the first time in a couple of years and got 2 solo plays in.  Tried the Endless Night scenario and got CRUSHED on the first try.  Didn't survive the first full day with either of my starting characters.  Won the 2nd play through as I learned my lessons well from the first play through.  Still really like the game but it can be a bit of a pain to get to the table.  Definitly the type of game that I'd be more like to play if I could leave it set up during the week vs having to put it away so I could turn my gaming desk back into my work desk.

28 days ago

Played August in #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 last night.  Our second failing month (Mar was our first).  Will have more details in my write up on the game's forum pages but as my one friend said last night "We failed to pay attention to disease cubes in a game of PANDEMIC...Well damn it" 

May be a while before we get back to Pandemic due to summer kid activities and travel plans, hoping we don't forget how to play in the mean time ;)

18 days ago

I always dread that.  When we played Season 1 we had a huge break when I was studying for a professional exam and when we came back our game totally tanked.  We were basically undefeated before that. 

29 days ago

A good week:

  • Played #Friday twice after reading a review post here. Still didn't even come close.  The second game I decided to go fo most of the higher cards, intentionally losing to thin my deck of bad cards while in the first round.  It helped, but couldn't come close to beating the two pirate cards I drew.  Ended it up putting it in the donation pile.  (If someone want's to buy it from me for $5 +shipping in the US, let me know.)
  • #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale had four solo plays. I sure enjoy using the colored pencils I bought last month with it-makes it easier to see and things stand out more. My title ranged from Dimwitted Doodler (-14), to Amateur Assessor (-8), to Master Mapsmith (24 and 28). Looking forward to the expansion and new maps coming out this summer (which I preordered using my gift card win from here back in February).
  • Solo played #Clank! In! Space! twice using the app.  It sure moves you through the adventure deck!  I like the additional goals it gives you. Lost the first game while after grabbing my artifact, but won the second game with 143-my highest score ever.
  • #Terraforming Mars with Prelude for game night. This was my first time playing this with other people since I bought it last summer. Seven points seperated the first and third place players. Great game, lots of fun, lots of decisions. Can't wait to play it again (and do it in less than three hours, which I don't think is bad for a first time with two new players).

Premium User28 days ago

Nice week! That's pretty typical for a first play of Terraforming Mars I'd think. Of course now you make me want to play it :P

Premium User29 days ago

Oh man, you played a ton of games I enjoy as well!

Cartographers with coloured pencils is the way to go! :)  

And Clank in Space is a lot of fun with the app that's for sure.  It pushes you but after you've played a few times you really improve I find.

Terraforming Mars with Preludes is also a blast.  I find despite having all of the expansion etc I tend to often go back to the basics, especially for solo play.

28 days ago

What do you think about the #Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium expansion? I've thought about that, but I'm not anywhere close to feeling like I've played out the original map.

Premium User28 days ago

If I had to rank the expansions:

1) Prelude - Must have, won't play without it.

2) Hellas & Elysium - Mixes it up nicely without adding a ton of new rules.

3) Colonies - Adds a fair amount of rules to the game but fits in with the game 

4) Turmoil - Adds quite a bit to the game and honestly I didn't find it fit in with the rest of the game.

5) Venus - This one is my least favourite.  Mostly because it adds a lot more of the same to the game without really adding a lot new.  

None of them are necessarily bad but I don't know if I would play all of them at once any more.  We tried it once but the game was super long and we all agreed we likely wouldn't do it again.

12 days ago

Thanks for the description and your opinion.   I've seen reviews on most of them, and your comments support my opinion that based on my game play group and time, Hellas & Elysium will probably be the only other expansion I pick up for this at some point in the future.

Premium User11 days ago

Glad it was useful!

29 days ago

Played 3 games of #Roll For The Galaxy with the #Roll for the Galaxy: Ambition expansion and I'd never play without it now. Also played #Space Base for the first time, went over really well, played it twice. It fits a nice space in my collection. Played #Azul: Summer Pavilion to decide whether to actually put it on the trade block and it is. It's one of those games that I want to enjoy more than I do. I love drafting and I love all the pieces, but I just don't find it as interesting as it should be. My wife and others playing agreed it didn't fit for us sadly, even though it's gorgeous.

Premium User29 days ago

Finished our long running game of #Underwater Cities on Yucata as pointed out in last weeks post. Just mentioning it again here in case any of you wanted a rematch . I sent an invite!

Speaking of long running games, we finally finished up #Clans of Caledonia, in which all of us who thought we were going to lose were fairly close while ran away with the victory. Of course we started up another game :D

Played a game of #Nidavellir last week too. Not as close as our last play as I won by nearly 20 points over 2nd place. I don't think that's so bad of a thing though when you think about how fast the game must play in real life.

The only non virtual game I played last week was #Carcassonne with Sarah. As I said after our last play, playing this makes me want to check out some expansions. Sarah of course just rolls her eyes lol so we'll likely part with it after our challenge is over.

Premium User29 days ago

Some really good plays in there!  Underwater cities is a favourite and clans is a good one as well!

29 days ago

Thanks for mentioning you sent an invite.  I forget to check on those since Yucata doesn't send notifications haha.

Premium User29 days ago

I actually found out from that you can make it send you notifications via email! When you're logged in to Yucata go to My Yucata -> My Profile -> Settings and check off the boxes you want

24 days ago

Done!  Thanks for the tip

29 days ago

Played session 7 of #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.  I'm still enjoying the experience but the group in general has cooled on it overall.  A couple members of the group feel like they have no shot at winning and its impacting their enjoyment of the game.  I'm honestly not sure if we'll finish the game at this point. 

Played a game of #Imhotep which was fine.  Its a quick little game for what it is and can see it being a nice lunch time game and gateway style of game.  Scores ended up pretty close (37,37,35, 32) which is always a nice thing for a game.

Ended with 4 rounds of #Coup in which each of the four of us won 1 game.  Not my favorite game in the bluffing,lying, hidden roles genre of games but its hard to get upset about a game where the rounds last 5 - 7 min like most of ours did.

Premium User29 days ago

Without giving away any spoilers, who will be winning Clank Legacy is hard to tell before all the games are over.  

I mean, if everyone is having a bad time then stop playing of course.  Having fun is the most important thing.  But maybe your group just needs a break before getting back in to it?

29 days ago

Well i'm out the next 7 Sundays due to either travel or son's baseball games so it'll be a while before we get back to it.