If you were to do a game marathon in similar fashion as Trent, which game would you choose? What would you do it for?


After seeing Trent's inspiring feat, would you do one yourself? Even if you're not up for it, what sort of approach would you take?

Which game would it be? Simple? Complex? Dexterity? Campaigns? 20 editions of monopoly? What would be your pain point? (if pain's the selling point). Would you enlist your friend or spouse?

Also, what would you do it for? Money? Fame? Fun? Charity?

For me, I think I'd go for something like this:

  • A push your luck game that involves a super low probability--"how many hours does it take to get a perfect score on Quacks?"
  • A dexterity game like Tournament of Towers where you reach a pro status by the end and set a world record haha (or the entertainment of constant fails)
  • I'd like to do one where BGA will give away a game for every X number of subscribers--either to our users/subscribers, or to donate to communities that don't have that kind of luxury

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Supporter12 months ago

I'm not sure I could last that long, but if I had to play a game a bunch of times in a row, it would be Twice as Clever.

12 months ago

Arkham Horror Board Game  

I'd do a run through of all 24 great old ones back to back with the same set of investigators. And if they died, they were removed from the pool permanently. 

I'd raise money for actual victims of horror, so womans refuge and rape crisis. 

Supporter12 months ago

Tiny Towns with every (?) combination of cards.  (Maybe not every as that would be far too long but let's say a significant set of them.)

Supporter12 months ago

Phil, I like your third suggestion! That would be a great way to drum up some positive support. Also it would be going to a great cause!

I don't think going for a perfect score would be a good idea, or setting a world record, because theoretically you might not ever achieve your goal. And then you would feel like you wasted all of your time.

I don't think I'm in a position currently where I would be able to attempt something like what Trent did. I would enjoy doing it, however, and my reasons for attempting it would include money, fun, or charity.

If I were to make an attempt, I would definitely go for a campaign game like Imperial Assault or Gloomhaven or something. That way the game would be constantly presenting you with new challenges and you wouldn't be playing the same thing over and over.

Supporter12 months ago

That's true, I just think it would make a great story to achieve something nearly impossible, but I wonder at what cost that would come hahaha....

Hey, if you stream Imperial Assault with some awesome star wars music in the background I'd be down to watch it :)

12 months ago

My options:

  • Mage Knight - Huge fan of the game. Still my favorite solo game, and probably always will be. I think I would play a cooperative castle siege, four players. That oughta last a good 10 hours. 
  • Spirit Island - Just recently did a mini-marathon where I played the game once a day for seven days. Plan on posting up a review soon. There's so much variation, especially when playing with multiple spirits, that I'd be cool playing 10 or so games. 
  • Lord of the Rings: LCG - I love LoTR, and I love this card game. Enough said. 
  • Kingdom Death: Monster - Have recently started learning this beast -- think a 24 hour session would get me through about half a campaign, as long as I didn't lose. 

Supporter12 months ago

Oh boy. I'm looking forward to seeing your thoughts on Spirit Island. 

Supporter12 months ago

I like this list! Definitely would be down to watch these--I've always been curious how Mage Knight and Spirit Island plays

12 months ago

If you’re interested in learning a little more about Spirit Island and have 6 minutes, I actually posted a video last night on it:

Spirit Island | Game Overview

Supporter12 months ago

I'm really interested in Mage Knight. I created a thread earlier where I asked which "big game" I should get. I am considering Mage Knight: UE, Gloomhaven, or Gaia Project. Which would you recommend? I'm looking for something that could be either solo or group.

12 months ago

For solo, MK is king, as is known. For a group, though, I’m not sure how helpful I could be. 

MK is typically not recommended for player counts greater than two, unless you’re cool with really massive game sessions, which could be a lot of fun.

Gloomhaven sounds like the best option if you’re looking for that versatility.

Someone in your other thread posted about Too Many Bones, which is actually one of my favorite games, for solo and multiplayer groups. I have a playlist of videos I created for it if you want to do a little more research: 

Too Many Bones | Playlist

Otherwise, Chip Theory just released Cloudspire, another big box game. I haven’t had a chance to play it, but I hear good things for solo and group play. Here’s an overview I made for Cloudspire:

Cloudspire | Game Overview

Supporter12 months ago

If I was going to play the game predominantly solo would I go for Mage Knight instead?

12 months ago

So here's the top 10 in the solo guild 100:

  1. Mage Knight - my number 1 as well, purely for solo purposes. I don't have the Ultimate Edition, but I will most likely get it in the future, as I want to cover it on my channel, and I want to play with the expansion content. One of the reasons I love this game so much is that every turn matters, and the combos you can perform are insane. You can spend 30 minutes on a turn (if you want to, of course, you can always choose to play faster) near the end of the game, and I love the options. If you want to learn a little more about the core mechanics of the game, I have a series of six videos on my channel displaying some of the aspects. 
  2. Spirit Island - recently played 7 games of this, and I can definitely agree, that it's up there for solo play. I don't think it will ever beat out Mage Knight for me, as I don't see it stacking up in the combo area as Mage Knight can and does. Messing about with the different spirits in different combinations is super satisfying.
  3. Terraforming Mars - I've never played, so I have no opinion here.
  4. Scythe - same as Terraforming Mars.
  5. Gloomhaven - I've never played, but it is in the top 10 of the solo guild. Obviously, Mage Knight has remained the solo heavy hitter, but seeing as it's made it's way up to the number 5 spot, I think it's definitely a huge contender. It may come down to personal preference and what theme you like better. Do you like the idea of a campaign played over a hundred hours where characters drop out (Gloomhaven), or do you like focusing on a single warrior for 3-6 hours and feeling like an absolute titan by the end of the game? 
  6. Lord of the Rings: LCG - I might actually like this game more than Spirit Island, but maybe for non-gaming related reasons. First of all, I have a huge bias in the Tolkien direction. Lord of the Rings is my favorite movie trilogy, it's my favorite set of books, it's my general favorite for anything here on earth. But, the selection of cards gets enormous, obviously. The game is more tactical, as you prepare your deck for each scenario, which can be fun if you're into that sort of thing. I am, and my huge Tolkien-bias obviously helps when I'm looking through all of the cards. 
  7. Arkharm Horror: LCG - Haven't had a chance to play this one, unfortunately. 
  8. Robinson Crusoe - Was once a solid number two and three (Mage Knight, Robinson Crusoe, LoTR were the trifecta for a while) in the solo guild. I've played it once, and would happily play it again, if only I had the time to re-learn all the rules. Definitely bringing it out again someday. What I can say, is that form my one session, it felt like I was barely hanging on, and I lost in the end. 
  9. Viticulture - Surprisingly, this is one of my favorite solo games as well. There's a mini-campaign that you can play, and if you like worker placements/euros, then it's great. I have the Tuscany expansion, and it offers loads of choices, so analysis paralysis is super real. Definitely a game to consider, if you like the idea of making wine more than you like killing orcs and setting villages afire. 
  10. Too Many Bones - Again, one of my favorite solo games, but probably requires the least skill of the aforementioned games. Obviously, you can get better at the game, and will see different strategies evolve over play sessions, but I believe it has the lowest "range of skill." But, it's one of the most pure funs. It's dice-chucking, it's constant upgrades, it's a campaign style non-campaign. I love it, so you should definitely consider it.

Well, I hope this helped a little bit, at least! 

Supporter12 months ago

It helped me, but it definitely didn’t help my wallet! I still don’t know if I should pick MK or Gloomhaven. I do like the idea of a campaign, but a cool character arc over 3-6 hours sounds phenomenal also. I’m so conflicted!

12 months ago

Honestly, I would probably just pull the trigger on whichever one you have a slight bias towards, because at this point, you'll probably have a great time with either. Rahdo has some playthroughs for each on YouTube, so those might help, too. 

Supporter12 months ago

+1 for your question. I've been fascinated by the MK system for awhile. 

12 months ago

I'd personally do it with a time limit in mind. I thought the 100 sheets of Welcome To was a great idea, and mad props to Trent for busting through it, but I think I'd need to know there was an end in sight haha I'm not as strong as Trent, nor do I think I ever will be.

I'd do it for money, fun, and/or charity. I know some people do 24 hour gaming marathons for charities, which is great. I'd love to get involved in that some time.

For marathons, I think any type of game would work. For me personally, I think I'd prefer a different game each time. That would keep things interesting for me as I struggled to stay awake, and the variety could lure in other viewers as well. I'd love to do a marathon of only dexterity games. Dexterity themed marathon, I suppose. The lineup could include Flip Ships, Disc Duelers, Coconuts, Click Clack Lumberjack, Ice Cool, Pitch Car, Zoo Ball, Crokinole, and others. 

Or real-time games! Like FUSE, Flatline, Escape! Curse of the Temple, Cosmic Factory, etc.  Real-time games are a lot of fun, and the pressure can make for some good live TV (maybe).

Seeing Trent do his marathon, I thought how fun it could be to have him lead an online gaming session. For example, everyone print out a player sheet for Welcome To or Cartographers or any other game like that, and everyone plays it live together. I'd love to participate in something like that.

Supporter12 months ago

Hmm... perhaps it could even be a chain of live streams where we "pass the baton" to the next person who's enlisted for the cause. Sounds complicated though haha

I like the idea of different dexterity games, I'd really enjoy seeing what's out there.

As for an online gaming session, Trent has mentioned months ago about hosting a live session of Welcome To or something in a similar vein. I'd be down :)

12 months ago

Passing the baton would work. All you'd need is a Google Hangout or something, and before one person signs off, the other signs on so it keeps going. I've seen similar live streams do that. Not for games, but charity stuff.

Supporter12 months ago

I like your suggestion at the end. That would be a cool shared experience.

Supporter12 months ago

I would probably do some sort of more complex, multiplayer game for 24 or 36 hrs straight. Maybe something like Agricola or Scythe. 

I like your third idea. But I would probably do it just because I wanted to prove that I could. Fortunately I'm not necessarily wanting to prove that I can. 

Supporter12 months ago

"Fortunately I'm not necessarily wanting to prove that I can." - that's definitely the sane option. I'm sure I'd never do something like this if it weren't for growing our community or for a big charity event

And I especially can't imagine doing something complex for 24-36 hours. My brain would literally melt by that point

Supporter12 months ago

Melted brain could definitely be a problem. 

Supporter12 months ago

It would be nice to have a set time, so you wouldn't get frustrated when you missed your projections.