What did you play this week? (10/4/2021)

(10/4/2021) This is an automated weekly post to talk about the games you played last week.

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Moderator Level 110 days ago

One solo game of #Scythe and three solo games of #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale

And I did get to play #The Castles of Burgundy online with some others from here.  I did better than I did at #Terra Mystica!  I really like Castles of Burgundy and have added it to my wish list.

Premium User10 days ago

I would call that a good week.  I enjoy all of those games a lot.  Did you use the Scythekick app for solo Scythe?

Moderator Level 19 days ago

I haven't bought the app yet, I need to do that soon!

Premium User9 days ago

In my opinion it's well worth it.

One note, only the apple version has the rise of fenris support.

Moderator Level 19 days ago

Ah, that's disappointing that it's not available in all versions.  I have a samsung phone.

Premium User9 days ago

Yeah, shame.  It handles everything else really nicely though.  Still worth it.

Partner12 days ago

Another great week of gaming!  Here are the highlights of some of the games:

#The Crew: Mission Deep Sea -- time to trade or giveaway the original The Crew, because the new task desk is everything I wanted to add to the experience.  We've been lately just playing them randomly, rolling dice and seeing what tasks to add. Makes it hard sometimes on the first play of the night! 

#Union Station -- this is a cube rail game coming to Kickstarter soon that is available for PnP out there.  Since GEN CON 2019 when I bought #Irish Gauge, I've really gotten into cube rail games. They scratch a train itch without being overly long and complicated (most take about an hour).  Union Station fits the bill and also throws in some cool wrenches to the usual perfect information games.

#Honey Buzz Holy cow, Elf Creek Games delivers yet again with an amazingly produced game. And this time, the gameplay matches the production -- wow does Honey Buzz melt my brain for what is essentially a simple worker placement game. It's the spatial nature of the puzzle and the desire to really maximize your turns. I don't think I'd play this with someone with AP though!

#Concordia: Gallia & Corsica Expansion -- it's my number one favorite game, so I never turn down a play! And I finally got to play the 2p Corsica map in person with my nephew. So tight, but so good! 

#Hadrian's Wall -- and I thought #Fleet: The Dice Game and #Three Sisters were bubble wrap popping games -- Hadrian's Wall is even deeper and combolicious than those two. If you like randowriters where you can combo up like crazy, check out this pretty thematic euro style flip-and-write

#Godspeed another play of Godspeed, this time at 2p for the first time. I don't like the 2p mechanic of players choosing blocking spaces, it's just too in your face. I like my euros to be passive aggressive ;)  I think I'll cook up a home brew mechanic like Trickerion does, where spaces get blocked out randomly or something. But anyway, this last play was the best -- I finally had a handle on how to generate stuff and score points, but got outbid a couple of times to lose the game in the last couple of turns

Ask me anything! 

Premium User10 days ago

Cool to see that the new #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea is good!

I recently ordered #Concordia: Aegyptus & Creta... looking forward to a tighter map for 2 players! Creta is supposed to be one designed for low player counts, and the Aegyptus one looks like a neat twist.

Premium User12 days ago

Jealous of your play of #Concordia! Definitely one I need to get to the table more then maybe get some new maps.

Premium User12 days ago

I've looked at Godspeed a couple of times and nearly picked it up from someone who was selling it locally but never quite felt like pulling the trigger.  The lack of a solo mode definitely doesn't help.

Concordia is also one of my favourites.  Good map choice for two players!

Partner12 days ago

They are different games, but I like Concordia > Godspeed

Premium User11 days ago

Oh for sure. I own everything I could get my hands on for Concordia. 

Premium User4 days ago

Not a bad week...

1. #Wingspan - with Becky while we were camping this weekend.  I had a great game and she was having a bad game...Becky still beat me by 1 point!  This is like Boggle all over again!

2. #Caper - played a two player game while waiting for others to show up yesterday.  Nice playthrough and this is a fun and quick two player game.  Very small box and easy to transport.

3. #Ankh: Gods of Egypt - Another buddy brought over this game which apparently is in about 5 or so boxes and take an eon to set up.  I enjoyed the game and would play it again if given a chance.  I don't thing this is one I'd ever pursue for my collection though.

4. #Puerto Rico - This is a game a buddy dropped off for me to learn and I got to teach it yesterday with three of us playing.  I like this game and while I don't see myself buying this one at full price I'd pick this up from a garage sale down the road if I happened across it.  I can see why this is a classic.

5. #The Gallerist - we only got about a third of the way through and wanted to make sure we had enough time for Ankh.  I love this game and one of the other players was a big fan as well.  Two of the players were not big fans of Lacerda games.  It probably doesn't mean anything, but I thought it was noteable that the two players who didn't like Lacerda ended up becoming the merged god in #Ankh: Gods of Egypt and ultimately lost that game being last place the devotion track.  Probably doesn't mean anything, but just sayin'

6. #The Arctic - This was a little minigame included with #Aqua Garden that my son loves to play.  It's a little like #Chess to some degree or another.  I'm soso on it but since Elijah likes it we play more than I normally would.  

Boardgame Arena Games:

7. #Viticulture: Essential Edition - I feel I'm terrible at this game though I love this game.  I am planning to just keep playing multiple games at a time until I figure out how to get better at it.  

8. #Teotihuacan: City of Gods - such a fun game.  Trying to up my skills at this one and learn some more nuances.  

9. #Clans of Caledonia - I'm playing this on BGA and have it set up at my house for my next solo evaluation video.  I've played about 5 games solo over the past couple weeks.  Rookie is the highest level I've gotten thus far.  

Premium User4 days ago

Ooh, lots of good games played this week!  If you like Viticulture I HIGHLY recommend you play it with #Tuscany: Essential Edition.  I have been playing the game on BGA but played it in person with Tuscany last week and it reminded me how much better it is with the Tuscany board.  

Premium User4 days ago

I'll have to try that!

Premium User4 days ago

BGA doesn't have it unfortunately but a lot of people who own the game will have it.

Premium User4 days ago

Oh, I see...lol.  Yes, I have the Tuscany version myself.  I like it a little more than the base game.  The "advanced" workers add a lot to the game in my opinion.

Premium User4 days ago

The board itself is also a lot better.  It allows for more strategies and can help mitigate some of the potential bad card luck.  

I didn't realize how much better it was until I played it on Saturday after playing Viticulture quite a few times on BGA.


Comment deleted.

Supporter8 days ago

Got in a nice game of #Pax Pamir (Second Edition).  Third play and finally took the win.  Went through almost every card in the game because the last Dominance Check was the second to last card drawn into the market.

8 days ago

Got to play the birthday present I gave my sister this year.  #Meeple Land because she loves planning and Roller Coaster Tycoon.  Anyone else play that one as a kid?  haha

I really enjoyed the game and so did my sister most importantly.  Its a set collection/tile laying game where you're building the best theme park and trying to get as many meeples as you can into it.  There are various ride tiles which you can buy and then try to line up the park paths in your park.  Each ride has a certain number and color of meeples you can put on it and at the end of the round you collect a bus full of meeples that can go in your park if the color matches.  Meeples give you money and ultimately points at the end of the game.  You also get points for having a variety of rides.  You lose points for having paths in your park that are blocked by other tiles (thematically confusing your guests) and for having excess meeples at the end of the game.  Its a pretty quick game too, our 3p game finished in about an hour even though it was our first time playing.  The only thing we felt like it needed was a way to replace all the tiles if there's nothing out there you want.  But that is a minor quibble for a very enjoyable game! 

Partner5 days ago

My wife and I really enjoyed Meeple Land but we had the same issues with it. We've gone back to Steam Park even though they are really different games. I'd love to see an expansion for Meeple Land! 


Comment deleted.

10 days ago

Got the group back together to wrap up our #Pandemic Legacy: Season 0 experience.  I've already done my full Dec write up.  I've super interested to see how experience differs from ours over these last 2 months.  This campaign took us almost a full year to complete which is vey unusual for this group but we had lots of problems getting the four of us together.

Wrapped up the night with 5 games of #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine  4 more attempts at mission 32 (all failures) and 1 successful attempt at mission 33. 

8 days ago

We're supposed to play December on Saturday!  Super excited.  Need to write up November soon haha. 

Premium User12 days ago

Just 3 games for me last week.

#The Red Cathedral - brought this to my meetup group and played at 2 players with a friend. I had only previously played it solo so it was definitely good to get it played with more, even if it was just 2. I don't think I enjoyed the luck factor involved with the dice rolling of your opponent basically dictating what you can do on your turn. Will have to play it more (especially with Sarah) to see if this will make the cut going forward.

#Welcome to the Dungeon - played this at three. I actually owned it before and had parted with it, but it was fun to come back to.

#Biblios - played this with Sarah last night. It was the last play of it for our challenge. I like how easy the rules are yet it's got some pretty deep strategy. I think I'll hang onto it.

Premium User12 days ago

Good mix of in person and BGA play this week:

  • #The Castles of Burgundy (BGA): Really enjoy this game.  Had another really good game for a win.
  • #Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan (BGA): Played it with my gaming group.  I thought it was really close to the first one but then they added caravans in to it and I didn't really have time to read up on everything.  Came in a far back second though.  Neither version of the game really blows me away versus other stuff I have however.
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (TTS/physical) x3: The last game of the guardians campaign and...wow.  It's tough!  We lost both games without really getting super close to winning.  I rebuilt my Rocket aggression deck from the ground up and also created a justice deck in case we want to try an alternate style.  (Not really in the campaign rules but honestly, it's starting to be not fun.)   I also put together a captain marvel protection deck and took it out against Klaw to test it out.  Seems pretty good!  
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (TTS): Made it through missions 41 - 45.  Nearly there!
  • #Awkward Guests (TTS): Good TTS implementation.  This is a fun game for a filler now and then.  One player got 3 cards twice as we couldn't give them any clues and that gave them a ton of clues the other two of us didn't have so he won handily.
  • #Race for the Galaxy (BGA): Tossed on another session of this game.  Man, I am still too slow playing it.  Also, I am not a fan of the umpteen million expansions.  You have to get so lucky to get cards that work together and if you don't get lucky and someone else does there is not a lot you can do about it.  I think the simple base game and maybe the first expansion is enough.
  • #Teotihuacan: City of Gods (BGA): Had a great game and won by quite a bit.  Played it more tactically and less following a plan I created from the start.  (aka stopped experimenting and just played the game as I usually would)  One of my favourites.
  • #Scythe (in person): 5 player Scythe game.  First time playing with the #Scythe: Modular Board and wow did it mix things up! I made an early error which really set me back but managed to place in third by the end of the game.  Always a fun time.  And even with 5 it didn't take too long so we could follow up with...
  • #Hadara (in person): I've played this one a few times solo and once online.  Nice to put my actual copy through its paces.  I picked up an early gold medal which left me without much money and I suspect that held me back too much as I tied for last in the game but still had a lot of fun!

Lots this week!

Partner12 days ago

I don't know anyone with the Scythe modular board, so never pulled the lever on that one. Now you have me juiced up to try it! 

Premium User12 days ago

I decided to pick up everything reasonable for Scythe at some point and the modular board was at my FLGS so I grabbed it.  I've had it for years and never played it.  Mostly because I haven't come close to playing out the base game yet.  

But for fun we thought we'd toss it in and wow did it make a difference.  For example, I was Clan Albion and the position of my board and my riverwalk abilities meant I had to go one direction on the board at my slow 1 move pace.  I was also nowhere near a tunnel and didn't have great wood resources to build one either.  My nearest opponent couldn't riverwalk on to my territory either.  So it meant that I was relatively isolated.

And this changed the game a lot for me.  I didn't even consider going to the factory and instead marched along taking territory and planting flags and optimizing my engine.  

There's caveats to it.  Some people might hate it because you are really beholden to the combination you get.  Even your starting location is going to change.  I don't want to say my starting position screwed me because I still did quite well despite making a mistake (totally on my part) but some people might feel that way.  Definitely do NOT play this with new players.

But honestly, yeah, get it.  It was a blast!

12 days ago

I had a great week of gaming.  Mostly cause I took Thur and Fri off of work and headed to Origins since it was in town. 

Solo'd #Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition to get warmed up for Origins.  I actually won and didn't cheat this time ;)


  1. Saw a couple playing #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine at 2 players and asked if I could join to give them a real 3rd person instead of the automata player.  Played for 90 min.
  2. Meet up with a couple buddies and we got a 3 player play of #Res Arcana w/ #Res Arcana: Lux et Tenebrae expansion.  I managed to actually win this one by not drawing any attention to the engine I was building ;)
  3. I had signed up a session of #Swords & Sails, Rewrite History in 1000 AD which was a really good 4 player experience.  I had to leave early to do other responsibilities but ran into one of the players later and learned that my faction (France) ended up winning. 
  4. Had my usual board game group Thursday night and got 2 playes of #Undaunted: Normandy.  Lost both games as the Americans in the first scenario. 
  5. Did a 3 player game of #The Quacks of Quedlinburg w/ #The Quacks of Quedlinburg: The Herb Witches expansion with the same group as last week.  Ended up with a 4 point spread between first and last place.


  1. #The Bloody Inn w/ 2 players.  My first game play.  Pretty enjoyable.  Lost by 2 points
  2. #Blood Rage w/ 4 players.  I love this game but it had been years since I've played.  I came in 2nd but 1 bad attack play cost me roughly 40 points and would have made the scores a lot closer. 
  3. Signed up for a sesssion of #Kings of War: Vanguard and played as the Goblins agasint the Rat King.  Not sure I'm a fan of miniture based scrimish games but the mini's where awesome and the game play was okay.  We ran out of time in our session but I was trailing pretty badly.  I did have fun though and would play again if someone else had a set(s) and wanted to play.  I don't think I want to start down that rabbit hole w/ in this hobby space.
  4. Got back together with my buddies and we played #Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King @ 4 players.  I really enjoy the game and its bidding/pricing mechanic.  Might have to consider adding it to my collection.  I came in 2nd.
  5. Finished my Origins day with a 4 player game of #Outlive which is a game I've been very intersted in for a while.  Thankfully, one of the guys had played it (solo only but still) so that helped a little bit with the rules teach.  I had to leave after 5 of the 6 rounds to do some kid responsibilities but would love to play it again.  Really enjoyed my game play.
  6. After feeding the boys, the youngest wanted to play some games so we played #Carcassonne where I finally beat him 108 to 103. 
  7. He then procceeded to crush me in #Undaunted: Normandy by rolling amazing dice when killing my Riflemen. 
  8. Finished the night w/ 2 games of #Bandido where we won the first game in like 10 cards and got crushed in the 2nd game.


  1. BIL and I got in a session of #The Crew: Mission Deep Sea and after 75 min of play I can say that the variablity is there but I don't see a reason to own both versions of the Crew.  I did like the mission changes but it wasn't different enough to justify both.  Either would be acceptable to me.
  2. We then meet up with another group of friends and played a 5 player of #Cyclades which was awesome.  I actually won a game with some really nice game play.  I can see why this one gets a bunch of love.  I enjoyed the god power and turn order changes that presented itself throughout the game.
  3. Finished my Saturday with a 3 player game of #Khôra: Rise of an Empire which is one of the 3 games I bought at the convention.  Really enjoyed and its a pretty fast playing experience once you get into the game.  Really can't wait to get this one to the table again.


  1. Youngest wanted to play #Undaunted: Normandy again on the 2nd scenario and I finally won a game as the Americans.  I paid a pretty heavy price to get to the control point but I did manage to complete my objective.