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Elitism? Gatekeeping? The board gaming snob refuses to lower himself to the levels of Catan or Apples to Apples, those aren't real tabletop hobby board games......

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6 days ago

Hahaha, I fall into this category from time to time.

"oh, I guess you can't afford Battlestar Galactica. I mean that is the best social deduction game."


5 days ago

Ahaha, glad you liked it :) the BSG snobbery is real with me too

Premium User6 days ago

I sort of felt like this was one stereotype with different games.  Still funny though 

5 days ago

thanks man! Yeah the idea is to definitely just show how the stereotype interacts with a bunch of different games. He's gotta show his disdain for the objectively bad games, after all ahaha