Game Trade Thursday

Comment with a list of games your want and/or a list of games you would be open to trade away and add in your location like City/State so anyone interested in a local swap can do that. If you're interested in starting a trade, either reply or DM to figure out the details. Make sure to update the comment after the deal is done.

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Premium User10 months ago



Location: Orange County, CA

Owner10 months ago

To be honest, I've been thinking about trading/selling my copy of #Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North too. I'm sure I'll enjoy the solo mode, but I know that it won't get out much at all.

Premium User10 months ago

Yeah I can't quite put my finger on it. I enjoy it quite a bit while playing it, but never really feel the desire to pull it off the shelf. And for solo mode, I enjoy the Viticulture automa quite a bit, so I don't think I'll even miss it for that purpose.

Supporter10 months ago

Already done with these....? That's too bad. Did they just get samey after a while? 

Premium User10 months ago

Eh, not samey, in fact we still enjoy the game, but we both found ourselves in the position of not wanting to reach for the game. We'd both rather play Everdell or maybe Viticulture to get that engine building feeling. I still think it's an excellent game, just not one that we need to keep in our particular collection.

Supporter10 months ago

Gotcha, that makes sense.