This Game Sprawls!


We played a three-player game of Blackout and it was really good. We noticed during set-up that the game needs a lot of space. Though Blackout has a small board, it is the player mats and the way three sides of the player mats are used that hogs space. With your card "stacks" on the bottom, hospital to the right and "check-mark actions" to the left, players require a lot of space. It is not a bad thing, just prepare for it, like Eldritch Horror.

Game play was engaging and interesting. You must plan ahead in Blackout to get the resources on the rondel to work well with your chosen objectives (which can be "worker" cards or actionable cards or a combination) and the resources to work well with your scouting. Scouting is very important in the early and middle game, but less critical at the end.

Our three player game was two hours. We were all learning it the first time, so I see play time shaved by at least thirty minutes for future plays.

Blackout might replace Concordia for me, for the time being, at least. There is a deeper and broader game in Blackout for the same time investment. And, Blackout is more of a puzzle and requires more planning and coordination on your player mat. Last, Blackout has a five scenario campaign.

Really good game and highly recommended.

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Supporter18 months ago

Very cool! I've been hearing some good stuff from SU&SD about the game. It's great to hear you like it enough to play it over Concordia for the time being.

Supporter18 months ago

Yeah. That is a statement because Concordia is a pretty awesome game.

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