Knights of the Shadow Realm: 5E Adventure for Levels 1-20

Your party will start off as young adventurers searching small town streets for a missing child, but will soon uncover the plans of a malevolent demi-god. 

Knights of the Shadow Realm offers a collection of new backgrounds, spells, races, subclasses, and magic items. It's a player-focused campaign that has everything you need for a level 1-20 adventure.

You can get a PDF with your name printed as a backer and all digital stretch goals for only $12. If you'd also like a physical book, the full-color and hard cover stretch goals have been reached, plus you will get a PDF, your name printed as a backer, and all stretch goals for only $32. 

Check out the campaign before it ends on Friday, April 17, 2020.

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About Knights of the Shadow Realm

Knights of the Shadow Realm is a campaign book that is fully compatible with 5th Edition (OGL) and is for Levels 1-20. 

Your party can find their own, unique way to uncover the next step in the plot. There is no railroading in Knights of the Shadow Realm - all roads lead home.  

Each piece of text, creature, character, and map has been created by one person, David Barrentine, for a seamless experience. David has been an author, artist, or designer on numerous projects throughout the D&D community.

A sampling of David Barrentine's completed projects

Every piece of art within the book is unique to Knights of the Shadow Realm. There are over 20 original maps, 18 new monsters, dozens of NPCs, and hundreds of plot threads and easter eggs for your party to discover. It's an open world for the players to explore.


The entirety of the campaign has been written out and play-tested. Half of it is through the revision and editing process and is wrapping up layout & design. 

The first half of the book is expected to be released as a PDF to backers a few weeks after the Kickstarter campaign ends so that you can get started right away. The print-house the team will use is located in the USA and is someone they've used before. Using that print-house means quicker production timelines than printing overseas (for example, they immediately shaved off 5 weeks on estimated shipping).

More on Kickstarter

You can download a preview of the module via Dropbox and check out all of the stretch goals and pledge levels. The NPC Tier lets you work with the author to name an NPC in the world, and there's a Retail Tier as well. 

Plus, at the end of the campaign, they'll draw names from all backers at the PDF tier and above. Winners will get a free upgrade to the next highest pledge tier!

Be sure to check out the campaign before it ends on Friday, April 17, 2020.

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