Season 2 of Batman Gotham City Chronicles Breaks the Bank Again

The first season of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles debuted last year collecting 4.4 million dollars on Kickstarter. As soon as the boxes started getting shipped to backers, Monolith has launched a new campaign for a “second season” of the board game.

Anyone interested in a whole set of new adventures in the DC universe?

Welcome to Gotham City

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is an asymmetric game for 2-4 players. One person becomes the villain and the leader of all criminals from the streets of Gotham. Other players control heroes that have to bring peace in this evil filled city together.

Gameplay consists of completing missions filled with action, each of them allowing for tons of fierce duels between the forces of “good” and “evil”. Everything’s supposed to feel dynamic, engaging and full of emotions. And we can almost surely assume, that it’s true as the average BGG score stays as high as 8.5/10. Even if that’s mostly thanks to the atmosphere, is it really bad? 

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles is a perfect suggestion for fans of: the Dark Knight himself, the entire DC universe, and superhero stories in general. Just take a look at the photos. Can any fan of these comics be unhappy with all of that?

Season 2

Second season expands the setting known from the initial game. We get 9 whole new missions. That might not sound like much, considering that the first season had 42 of them, but some of the S2 heroes can be used in S1 missions. That allows approaching these from a completely new perspective.

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Supporter16 months ago

This kickstarter is pretty incredible. Although it makes sense since Batman is probably the biggest DC character there is. Super cool.