Hanabi Card Game Review & Ultimate Guide (2019)

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There’s something magical about fireworks.

I still have a lot of childhood memories of going out with my family and cracking open the sunroof to watch the Independence Day fireworks. Years later as an adult, I still have that first memory whenever I watch fireworks.

The first time I heard about Hanabi I was a little shocked. First off, it won the Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) award in 2013. That’s not surprising in and of itself, but what is surprising is the size of the game.

The box is ridiculously small. It’s possible it’s slightly more square than a box of Love Letter but thinner.

It’s always a nice reminder that you don’t need a massive box, jam-packed full of minis and huge map tiles in order to make a compelling (and award-winning) game. Read more here: https://gamecows.com/hanabi-card-game-review/

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