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Catan 25th Anniversary Edition Game Overview

Catan 25th Anniversary Edition from Catan Studio includes custom dice, card sleeves, trays and pieces as well as an expansion for 5-6 players!...

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Premium User34 days ago

Nice review! Still haven't ever played Catan..I am such a bad board gamer lol

33 days ago

Shame on you! No, just kidding. I've played it a few times-spaced a few years a part. I enjoyed it, but I enjoy other games more.  I thought about buying the anniversary set, but I'm not sure it'd get much play in my house for the afore mentioned reason.  I've not tried any of the expansions, but I think a friend of mine mentioned this summer he has all of them.  I'll have to borrow them from him to try them sometime.

Don't worry-we won't be playing this when you finally visit Oregon-there'll be too many other games we'll want to play first, what with all your BGA wins... 😁

Premium User33 days ago

There's a guy in my group who's super into#Catan. Or I should say he was until he discovered#Wingspan now that seems to be his new favorite. I was always turned off by the playtime listed on BGG and refused to play it anytime he brought it to our Monday meetups. Generally those are geared towards shorter, lighter games so the idea of playing one for potentially 2 of the maybe 3 hours I'd spend there wasn't appealing. Of course now I play 2 hour games more often, it doesn't seem so bad

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