Top 5 things I have missed about games during lockdown

I don't know how things are where all of you are but at least here in the UK it's still not wise or safe to gather a group of people together in a room and have them all handle the same things. So while I have had the joy of playing with my partner/favourite person/sneakiest board gamer in person (and have been playing some online games on TableTop Simulator) all other physical gaming has stopped, here are the things I have missed:

5) Playing atmospheric music during the game, I find this can really elevate a game but it's hard enough talking over skype or zoom with out music added into the mix.

4) Messing about with components/shuffling cards in you hand while you are waiting/thinking: Building little structures with wooden cubes, flicking through your cards, putting coins/tokens in little piles.

3) Rolling dice and having a whole table invested in it - While I have rolled dice aplenty on TTS there is something about holding a handful of dice and physically rolling them across a table when something important is on the line that a computer screen cannot capture. And the collective sighs, cheers or groans from around the table depending on the result can just be magical.

2) When someone gets to take a card from you hand and you splay the cards out in such a way as to try and bluff them into taking the card you want/ to protect the card you really need. That moment of tension is just wonderful.

1) Just having group of my friends around a table, and all the tiny moments of interaction: jokes, faces, everything that happens on and off the board that can only happen when there are people sat in a shared space. Also, any kind of negotiation or dealmaking  or bluffing (some of my favourite things in games) are all so heightened by being in the same place: body language and being able to have conversations with multiple peope chiming in and have that feel organic and easy.

There's my list, is there anything you have missed? or anything you have enjoyed about gaming during lockdown?

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Supporter3 months ago

No. 2 is extremely specific. I would not have thought of it, but it clicked a soon as I read it. 

3 months ago

Yeah, a lot of the things I miss are pretty specific, they are all the tangential things that lift games from being fun and interesting to being an experience.

Supporter3 months ago

I get that.

3 months ago

But all this will pass and hopefully we'll get to appreciate these things all the more

Supporter3 months ago


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