Does Solo Gaming Create Memories for you?

An aspect of gaming in general for me is the memories that are made and the experience that is shared! Aeon’s End: Legacy has really highlighted this well for my wife and I. There have been a lot of moments where we thought we were doomed but we ended up having a mega turn and were able to pull out of it. Very satisfying and even more so because you can turn to your partner and give them a high five and have that satisfaction together.

With solo gaming, this is obviously just not there. The shared experience specifically is noticeably absent, BUT I got to thinking about my own solo memories. Have I developed any fond memories of my times playing these games by myself or have I just logged them away in my forgotten memories bank?

I believe that I have developed some good memories from solo gaming, but it mostly based around setting. Playing a solo game at a board game café, I have the house to myself and made myself a good cup of coffee and just immerse myself in the decision space, so on and so forth. Gaia Project has done this the most for me, where I just really cling to my experience and dwell on the decision I made, whether they are poor or excellent.

I am curious if you have had a specific game form these memories or it is more like me where it is more situation driven that forms those longer lasting memories and experiences?

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Owner10 months ago

Great question! And I'd say that it's more driven by the overall atmosphere created from solo gaming. I usually play late at night so everyone's asleep, it's quiet, and it just becomes like a monologue of me going through some tough decisions and wishing for a lucky draw from the AI deck. It's especially memorable when you have a series of AI card draws where the AI takes that one action that you desperately hoped it wouldn't take so that you still have a chance of beating it.

Games that especially created those moments are:

  • #Viticulture: Essential Edition - I swear, it's like the AI is reading my mind :(
  • #Architects of the West Kingdom - Tough opponent to handle for the hard mode (Helena)
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Another aggressively tough opponent (Wakhan). So far, among all games I've soloed, this AI was the best in simulating a real opponent
  • #Root - Tough opponent. Also, I love randomness in games and my first session had several moments where I was so thrilled when I avoided a card draw that would've guaranteed a loss. And it's also thrilling to get the right dice throws for the battle

I'd like to have a solo game that involves a good amount of thrill of luck. The closest thing I can think of right now would be something like Clank!. I guess I should look up the solo variant for that one.

9 months ago

After reading this through, I think you might be interested in #Nemo's War (Second Edition) Phil. Your last statement about the thrill of luck really is highlighted in that game. You basically have different encounters that you need to roll a specific number in order to succeed but you can gamble the long term use of your Crew, Hull or Nemo's sanity in order to succeed. So you have to determine is the risk worth the reward and you have to roll well!

Owner9 months ago

I've yet to look into that game but I've actually had a growing interest. It's not my ideal type of solo game because it seems to have a good amount of setup or lots of pieces involved at first glance. I'm sure I'd enjoy the gameplay though, it's just that I wouldn't buy it myself unless it's at a steep discount!

9 months ago

It does not seem like there is a whole ton of set up outside of the deck, similar to Pamir, with some additional little bits here and there, it does not seem toooooo overbearing of a set up, but I have not done it myself! I probably would not get it unless it was discounted or a gift of some sort!

Supporter10 months ago

This is a great great question. I feel like you touched how it is with me. I have a lot of fun atmospheric memories around solo gaming. But I don't have nearly as many of those specific memories of in game moments as I do with multiplayer games. 

10 months ago

I feel like I might be able to develop some of those memories just by playing more, but it definitely feels like it will take more to develop them outside of a group setting or an atmospheric memory. It is interesting, I tend to not be as clever with my actions playing solo than in a group!