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Apps in solo games.


 I am curious how you all feel about apps in solo games.

I know that they have many uses, and I know there are strong proponents of apps out there, and they make some very good arguements. 

Apps can really help advance the storyline of a game in some pretty interesting ways.

Apps can "set up" enemies in a dungeon crawl sort of game, thusly keeping them more of a surprise for you.

Apps can reduce setup time, and scoring time.

I am sure many of you can provide me with many more reasons why apps are, or can be, a good thing especially for the solo gamer.

However, my perspective is a bit different. I don't dislike apps, I don't dislike technology, and I certainly don't dislike modern board games. BUT, I really, generally speaking, don't want the them to mix. When I am going to play a solo game, I am, generally speaking, trying to get away from screens. When I am playing a solo game, I think I could find the contrast between the tactilitiy of a good solo game, and the electronic app to be a little jarring. And, I always have a little bit of a fear about what would happen if I get a app assisted game I love, and the app quits being supported.

All that being said, I do expect to get one/some app assisted game(s) sometime. The current one I am most likely to get is #The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth from FFG. This is a reworking of what I am starting to consider a modern classic, #Mansions of Madness: Second Edition.

And, funnily enough, I think I have more of a problem with apps in solo games than in multiplayer. If I am interecting with people around a game table, I don't mind needing to look at a phone/tablet and doing things on it sometimes to help the game along. But, if I am playing a solo game, frequently I really don't want to do that, generally speaking.

So, what do you think of apps in solo games? Do you like the idea? Dislike it? Why am I wrong about apps?

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Supporter5 months ago


Supporter5 months ago

Yes I am wrong? Yes we need apps? Yes what??

Supporter5 months ago

Lol. Was waiting for this. I like apps. They help solo play be more engaging and thematic. 

Supporter5 months ago

LOL. That's what I thought you liked. 

5 months ago

I often [try to] play solo varients of board games to burn in the rules and help when I am ready to teach a game to others. But is it fun for me? No.

I often get lost in the rules and forget rules. This may be good for learning, but it doesn't do much for "fun."

I do play games on smart phones and those work better for solo play IMHO. The AI at least keeps me honest and moving forward.

Some solitaire games work great on smart phones, but I win more on the smart phone than when I play them IRL.

Supporter5 months ago

Sorry you haven't liked solo games.

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