Marketing Challenges in the Board Game Market

We talk about some of the board game market challenges as well as the introduction of our new website. See! We're learning!

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11 months ago

Some interesting thoughts, in what ways do you feel like you have followed the board game  market trends and in what ways do you feel like you have innovated?

11 months ago

A lot of the naming conventions in describing the game, developing a landing page, trying to interact with the online communities in general, working on finding reviewers for the game, these all seem to be almost like minimum requirements before you even think about launching a game on Kickstarter.

Some different things I think we do is the game for one does not have a solo mode, it's definitely a more social focused game in an environment that may be very hostile towards that type of game.

I know it's not a novel concept but I think our art is some of the top in the market. I would put Liam's art versus anyone in the board game market. Especially when it's not a game that is going to tip the scales with boardgame pricing. I would literally put our art against anyone.

We are really focusing on the player experience from when you open the box to all the way when you have to pack it up. We are even considering what are the best ways to put away tokens. There will be more of this to come. Stay tuned!

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