Skulk Hollow 2-Player Game Overview

Not all 2-player games have to be about the good guys vs. the bad. The characters in the Skulk Hollow game are both fighting for what they think is right!...

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12 months ago

This is a pretty timely review, I was just considering Skulk hollow this morning. You didn't speak too much how enjoyable the game was? Did you have a good time with it? What kind of a feeling/atmosphere did it create?

12 months ago

Both of my teenage daughters enjoyed it quite a bit.  With each of the guardians having their own abilities, it does take more time to master those since they'll need a couple plays each to really understand what their strengths are. For that reason, the Foxen have won 80%+ of the games we've played since we've been trying out the other guardians. I'm sure once we're better versed with them, the win ratio will even out. I guess I'm saying the Foxen are much easier to learn.

Thematically it works. With archers only being able to shoot from afar and others needing to climb the guardian to do damage, tactical positioning is key. My best comparison is that it is a board game version of Gulliver's Travels

To be fair, 2p asymmetrical games aren't our favorite (we prefer perfect information abstracts). But this one is very approachable. If I had to recommend one, Skulk Hollow would be in the top three. I like how neither side is the enemy and they're battling for their own virtuous reasons. My rating on BGG would be a 7.2.

12 months ago

Thank you, that is very helpful!

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