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Online/ Video Chat Gamers

With the pandemic, I haven't played with my group in a while. Instead we play on TTS and video chat. Some games work really well this way. Some examples for video chat include...


Rajas of the Ganges 

Marvel Champions

...and I'm sure several others. Obviously playing tabletop simulator works with any game.

But at this point I'm curious if anyone here is interested in connecting to play. I'm down for whatever. Just looking to meet new people and try some games together.


Leave a comment and we'll find a way!

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Supporter51 days ago

I did get the chance once to play half a game of #Clans of Caledonia with .

This is something I was really interested in at the beginning of the pandemic and had some great plays of #Root on TTS but thankfully I've been blessed to get a lot of in person gaming again.  If I ever need to get back online for some games I'll hit you up.

51 days ago

Thanks for that! Kind of missing playing with others. Take care!

Supporter51 days ago

We've played#Yahtzee over zoom before as each person just needs some dice. Otherwise I played two games of#Welcome to... with Phil and Trent way back when the pandemic started. That was really fun. 

51 days ago

We play #Gloomhaven and #Formula Dé on TTS and we chat over Discord.

lucky we have at least that! :D