Dune Imperium Pre-order 10/29, plus Deluxe component upgrades announced!

Dire Wolf Digital announced that pre-orders will be available starting on 10/29, and they also showed off the deluxe component upgrades for the game. They look great, but I personally won't be spending the extra $55(!!) to get the minis.


Anyone else here planning to pick up this game? I watched the Dice Tower playthrough on the weekend and thought it was really cool, plus it's Dune.

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14 days ago

Man oh man do I want to play #Dune: Imperium and the upgrade pack looks amazing. Sadly my wife is not a fan of Dune so it wouldn't hit the table much. I just gotta find some local friends who love Dune and see if they can pick this up!

14 days ago

It does have a solo mode! Not sure if that's something that interests you.

14 days ago

I'd like to think it would, but if I am solo, I typically will just play video games. I am just not a solo board gamer.

14 days ago

Yep, totally get that. I don't play solo board games too often either.

Supporter36 days ago

I'm thinking about it. I imagine I'll wait and see some solo reviews first. 

Owner36 days ago

Just watched the first 15 minutes of that playthrough! Looks like a game that I would enjoy. The only thing is that it seems ideal for 3 or more players? What do you think?

36 days ago

They have automa-like players for solo and 2 player modes. They talk about it a fair amount in this design diary: https://www.direwolfdigital.com/news/dune-imperium-designer-diary-4-solo-and-2-player-modes/

may be interested in that as well.

update: first review is in: https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2020/10/27/21534516/dune-imperium-board-game-review

Supporter36 days ago

Yes, I read that. And, I've been trying to keep up to date with the AI development. It has me interested, but wanting to see it in action before committing. Though, I might get it if I got a GAW win, I tend to go with riskier choices for something like that. 

36 days ago

Think you'd use the optional app to run the AI if you played it solo? I think I'd probably use it for solo, since it adds 2 opponents, but I may just go old school for a 2 player game since it adds just one opponent.

Supporter35 days ago

I don't know, I might.

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